Team Jamaica House Promo Mix by DJ Rory

 Hi its your girl JA Nursing here, with a few days left for the most anticipated event to hit the 6ix.   This weeks   Music therapy feature goes to Dr Rory.  He  definitely has me excited with his Team Jamaica house music mix, which I have been listening to all week.

 I felt that I had to let my readers know more about this musical genius.  DJ Rory is undoubtedly one of the most requested DJ’s in Toronto
DJ Rory has built a loyal following over the last 10 years as a founding member of Legacy Sound. Known for mixing Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-hop, R&B and Dance – DJ Rory’s style has the energy and competitiveness of dancehall, with the smooth mixing and seamless blending of hip-hop/House. .DJ Rory has played many celebrity events and opened for many notable Reggae and Hip-hop concerts across Canada.Including being a part of Team Jamaica House July 22-24 2015. Currently Dj Rory is the official tour DJ for Zoloworld recording artist ZOLO. Zolo is one of the fastest rising Pop/Dance recording artist emerging out of Toronto at the moment with a style like non other.

For the latest news and shows you can follow DJ Rory on twitter @DJRorylegacy and
Catch DJ Rory every Wednesday from  10pm-12:00am EST. for the “Legacy Radio” on 

After listening to his interview with Juno Nominees Don Dem,
 of course had to  add  him to my music therapy list of DJ's. His style  and approach in the studio fully has you feeling like your at a party;  Which would further explain why he his  a part of A staple crew in Toronto, Legacy Sound

This musical crew included: Crazy Criss,  Dj Rory and Dj Charlie Brown when you talk  about legacy  let us  always say R.I.P to Omar McLeod aka MC Q.
 Legacy Sound  has certainly through tragedy triumphed and are going strong.   leaving  fans all over Canada wanting more resulting in sold out shows and crazy line ups at the door. They have certainly made a impact on me,  because when you think of good music you think of Legacy Sound. 


This has been your music therapy  Buzz with Michelle Smith your Health and Social Advocate stay connected 

Don't forget Team Jamaica House this week get your tickets

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