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Get Your BIG Idea Funded AT 1ST FRIDAYS MAY 6 2016 FUSE Restaurant

Hi it's your Girl JA Nursing here,   The purpose of JA Nursing  is  to increase the Health and  Social literacy of the community. Giving the  opportunity for individuals to make changes while increasing knowledge. They  say sharing is caring.  Let us welcome in another month,  with my favourite phrase,  in order to increase your  NET WORTH  you need to increase your   NETWORK .  As a former presenter at 1st Fridays lets take a minute  to thank the Founder  Warren Salmon  for his continued dedication.  First Fridays is a community activity club whose purpose is to organize a monthly activity(s) and/or event(s) that are focused on building and improving upon awareness, networking and information sharing for youth, adults, minority and mainstream communities in education, employment, self-employment, health and wellness, the arts and other areas of interest.   As An  Entrepreneur  the  road can be quite lonely and difficult. With that in mind, the organizer


Originally published OCT 25-2015 Hey, It's your Girl JA Nursing here, February is also known as  heart month and I wanted to clear up some concerns regarding the BIG C , No Not Cancer but Cholesterol. As your Health  Care Advocate ,   it is only right for me to help you make better choices.   With my health care shield membership, I keep My clients on a Health care plan. By asking 3 main questions in the initial consultation, that will give me a better idea of what your health care challenges are and what options are available help you or someone in your family be at their best Let the truth be told,  Omega-3 is a type of polyunsaturated fat, or healthy fat, known to help protect your heart. They are essential for good health, but our bodies don’t naturally produce it, which is why we have to get it from foods such as salmon, certain types of oils and nuts, and omega-3 eggs .    But what is cholesterol used for?  People often think that


originally published 08/25/14 Hello again, it's your girl JA Nursing. Hope all is well this blog is about dental care. On August 22 2014, I had the opportunity to take part in a program that is funded and run by our beautiful taxes, Oops  did I say that? I should have said beautiful city of Toronto. Launched  by The City of Toronto in 2012   is our very own  Mobile dental clinic.   Services offered on the Mobile dental clinic include: examinations x-rays fillings cleaning some root canal treatments extractions emergency and urgent dental care to treat issues like dental pain or cavities. This is a great idea, because it offers a bus  that brings care directly to the people within the city of Toronto. The impact that Dental health  has on  our overall health can take a tool on our nutrition, speech, learning, employment and self-esteem.   Is very important, and of course I was glad to have my son participate  in having his teeth cleaned and X-rayed.