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Hi It's your Girl JA Nursing, Hope all is well. I wanted to inform you about A Golden  event happening  February 28 2015 and let you know that you are invited to attend as well. Before you get this special invite. I just wanted to share with my #teamsmarties  how I met MissGo2Girl aka Tatiana King... 
I met Tatiana with a phone call, You know Tatiana is always on beast mode when it comes to her craft. LOL General mode . We spoke for several hours and then it was history. She has become such an inspiration to me even though we are in different lines of work, But what does that say  about  her as a person? well she is definitely a Women with a drive, a mentor and a trail blazer as a media advocate. Her voice commands attention and she is a no nonsense Boss Lady.  I call her that because I have been given the opportunity to represent MISSGO2GIRL MEDIA. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors of which I know success  will follow  her.

Meet missgo2girl,  She brings the gift …


“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”--Albert Einstein
WHAT IS B.I.C B.I.C stands for beauty, intelligence and confidence. It is a movement that empowers women of all ages and backgrounds, giving them the tools they need to lead a more balanced life: physically, mentally and spiritually.
Hi Its your girl JA Nursing  This week I went to church and  My Pastor said Remember  YOU Are A  #WORLDCHANGER.  My quest to be that was placed by the Almighty and driven by extreme passion. Thank You to Author Toni Larue​   for this article #LIVEBIC .  Americans understand the role of a #HEALTHCARE Advocate, it is most often the only hope they may  have at  receiving proper Health Care. Canada Wake Up! lets get this role legislated. Keep talking. 
"The only thing that spreads faster than Bad news Is good News" JA Nursing

A couple of months ago, I was asked to do an interview from a Author based out  of  Las Vegas, named  Toni Larue.   When asked the following questions …

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU your Opinion Matters

Hi It's your Girl JA Nursing Here
 We have an exciting new Program that will be released into our community division.
But we need to hear your concerns about some of your experiences in our health care system. 

We want to hear from you give  Us your voice. This process also requires you to leave a comment regarding your experience or understanding  of the Role Of  Your Health Care  and Social Advocate

 If you have spoken to  JA  Nursing,  know  JA Nursing,  or   have  been helped my  Janursing.  We  ask that you share your experience not your Identity   a few  words outlining your thoughts. We are using this information to compile the needs expressed by the community to give you superior service

You can post comments below Your can Text Your comment at #416-567-7556 You can inbox twitter @janursing
You can inbox Facebook  @janursing  Or on my Page JA Smith consulting and Nursing Services  Your identify and our conversations are confidential however In-order to help make this moveme…

Journeys 2 Success Keeping up with the Jones edition

Journeys To Success Journey's to Success Call  Celebrating Ordinary Women Leading Extraordinary Lives

2014 Agents of Change

Hi it's Your Girl JA Nursing As a social advocate I wanted to share this event with you all.

As the winter sets in so does the holiday burden. 
Last month I attended  an event put on by Toronto Community Housing, of which I was named a Agent For Change.  I felt exceptional to join the list of ladies above. But let it be known the struggle is real a lot of lessons have been learned unfortunately by going in the wrong direction.  But that is the beauty of lessons you can share them and help others.  My community division  known as JA Nursing is tailored to continuously help the community at large with practical knowledge and experience. The results intended, is a community that is informed and knowledgeable. This is the goals of Being a Social and Health Advocate. 

What was the objective of  Journeys to Success?

Your Credit Is Like Your Last Name

What would your last name be if it was compared to your credit score?

Its Monday, back to the grind, back to figuring out if you are going to get a tax return this year or if OSAP is going to take it.
Weekly I will have different financial literacy  topics that will help to bring the community closer to financial knowledge. The  goal to help  our selves  with a purposeful intention to stop the generational curse. Knowledge is  power.  Your credit score is like your last name.  Building you credit works in  the same manner like building a relationship. You have to nurture your credit build that relationship and it will reward you.

The purpose is not to Show off  but to show that it is possible, anyone' who knows me knows that  life hasn't been easy.  Starting College  at 18  was not the only thing I started. 18 was the year I started my journey to financial  failure.  Why you might ask?  September 1994 they  granted  me the magical  booklet.  A…


Although the number of people diagnosed with lymphoma each year is on the rise, many still don't know about this life-threatening form of cancer.

Hi Its Your girl JA Nursing a few months back  Body By Chosen held an event  Called  Pull Up For A purpose. What was this all about well one of the Team  members had Lymphoma and I'll be frank I applaud him for speaking up about this issue. Cancer on a whole is on a rise and with having lost My sister to Cancer in 2002 I am fully aware  That CANCER has no boundaries no age and no Limits to who it strikes. I have been honest with you all through my journey that the Goal will always be to help increase Knowledge it is one of the most important factors to illness prevention and management   It's important that all Canadians know the signs and symptoms of lymphoma because it can save your life. Signs and symptoms can be similar to other, less serious illnesses, making diagnosis sometimes challenging. Lymphoma is often misdiagnosed as a f…

Changes To Ontario's Sex Ed Curriculum Sparks Fiery in Parents

Hello,  Every time I start my blog  I feel like Adele By the way she is my favorite   Its you Girl JA Nursing here, So the Topic of the week, day and for next several months will be the New Sex Education In Ontario, But the question is Why!  a couple of months ago I was involved in The Excellence Conference West   of which I was part of a group that spoke to the importance of parents understanding  Ontario’s New Sex-Ed Curriculum.  The mission of this panel was  for parents to  Learn the facts, dispel the myths,  and share their concerns, and strategies to move forward with peace of mind. In today's news as promisded at the Excellence Confirerence Peel is  honoring what they said about  providing a “factual” guide for parents regarding the controversial sex education curriculum.

as cited in the Mississauga news today   We believe it is important for parents to make an informed decision about the revised HPE curriculum. The guide is very helpful in that decision-making process,&…