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M ORNING SICKNESS IS only  MORNING SICKNESS--- How many times have you heard that?   Normally,  If nausea and vomiting is to occur it normally will start in the early stages of pregnancy. For many women the symptoms of morning sickness are their first signs of pregnancy. Most pregnant women find that the morning sickness improves after the 12th week of pregnancy. Unfortunately, for some women symptoms persist throughout their pregnancy.    What causes morning sickness?   Is the question asked by many.   Doctors still aren't  exactly sure  what causes morning sickness, but the most popular theory is that morning sickness is the body's reaction to the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG),   info HCG human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone produced by the embryo following implantation. [1] [2] The presence of hCG is detected in pregnancy tests.    which is produced at higher levels during the first trimester than at any other time during pregn


Hello,  it's your Girl JA Nursing here,  Shake what your mama gave you it's a new day. Especially with all the disturbing news over the past couple of days,   I wanted to  check in with you.  I just came back from vacation but I came back to a lot of new changes in my life and a shortfall in my passion. So I thought to get back at it again with this blog.   Forgive me for my se l fishness, but me time has to be started asap. I find that I spend so much time on others that I literally forget  about myself, even my vacation was focused on others and then I got sick while in Jamaica.   I don't know about you but by  Wednesday  my body screams  for me time.  It's time to rediscover  alone time without feeling guilty ; not only does alone time help you get in touch with your mental wellness but it is a true way of rebuilding on your thoughts.  Without me time, you are setting yourself up for a prescription called stress. We all know that s

Should We Be Giving Boys The HPV vaccine too? Learn about Ontario's HPV Immunization Program

Originally posted April 14 2015 Revised September 23, 2016   Hey, it's your Girl JA Nursing here. Hope all is well ?  just a reminder  that the aim of this Blog is to educate my listeners and readers on an urban platform the goal is to continue to increase the health and social literacy of my readers. last year we  covered on ReggaeTown Radio.......  The Measles outbreak, Parents were worried about its spread and immunization routine for prevention.  Measles started to crop up across Canada in February 2015. The first cases to appear were in Toronto and were followed by cases in the Niagara region, the Lanaudiere region of Quebec, and later, in Winnipeg. Below you will find the expected immunization routine. It is very important to have your child immunized within the required time period.   Again in the news  Yesterday 04/12/15 on G98.7's Grapevine  one of the topics discussed was regarding revoking social assistance to those who did not immuniz