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Private Health Care Advocates work directly for the clients  who hire them. Advocate Fees & Costs  What will a private, independent health care advocate charge you for services? When you request help from an independent, professional advocate, you should expect the advocate to charge you for the services he or she performs on your behalf.  Health insurance does not ordinarily cover the cost of health care advocate fees, although some employers may assist with payment. The cost will depend on the advocacy services that is performed. This type of advocacy requires knowledge of the healthcare system, and a medical background.  Advocates who provide medical assistance can provide the following services: • Initial assessment (to get to know you the client  and to determine the scope of work and services needed) •Help review diagnoses,  •Treatment options,  •Medical records and test reports, •  Accompany a patient to appointments •Monitor

My Interview On True2Soul Radio With Keda Edwards Pierre - Executive Producer

Hey, it's your girl JA Nursing here,  It has been an incredible journey.  Several months ago I received a call from Keda Edwards Pierre, Executive Producer, Creative Director, and Host of  True2Soul Radio Network.  She explained that her show has Real Talk, Real People, Personal Journeys, and Professional Advice. #True2Soul is about Powerful Living and how we make it happen!  Keda,  introduced herself as a woman destined to create change. I thought to myself great minds think alike. I asked very little about her because I felt her passion in the same manner that she felt my passion. She said that she wanted to invite me to be a guest on her talk show. Which of course I said yes.  Through my research, her page read   Welcome to the “Being Keda” Show!   Pull up a chair and join Keda Edwards Pierre – as she discusses life as a mother, police officer, holistic health consultant, and transition coach. Tune in to hear guest experts offer tips, juicy discussion, valuable information


Winter may be almost over  but these house rules for your mind and body should be all year round. Rules should include routine visits with your physician, consulting with a health advocate, eating right and staying active especially as the season changes. Did you know that between 60% and 90% of people with SAD are women? It’s true. If you are a female between fifteen and fifty five, you are more likely to develop S.A.D. It’s been noted that during the winter months we all tend to get comfortable, let’s remember that those yummy comfort foods help to add those extra winter pounds.  It also  has been noted that during the winter  higher incidences of S.A.D and depression have been found but before you start self diagnosing   your self let's go over S.A.D  What   is S.A.D – Seasonal Affective Disorder? Many people experience seasonal changes in feelings of well-being and in energy, sleep patterns and eating patterns, to a greater or lesser degree generally called the “


 IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH  TODAY WITH THIS  CHALLENGE  Hey, it's your girl JA Nursing here,  I remember back in the days,  I used to think that 40 was the year that represented old age but, forgive me for being conceited  but that is no longer the truth. I have plenty of  friends that will be turning 40 in 2016 . It truly seems like I am a part of the new elite 40 club.  Change is good especially if it becomes continuous   Forget the excuses.  Just for today, focus on the many ways that you can improve your health.  I  have been blogging for quite some time now and  I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read  my blogs and my articles in the TorontoCaribbeanNewspaper .     I have managed to do all of these steps in an attempt to keep myself rejuvenated.  My ask the expert platform gives you an opportunity to ask a health question t hat I will answer.  Doing things gradually is a sure fire way to keep the habit going.  I follow Dj Khaled  because his motivation t


It's only fair to share... Happy Nutrition Month to you all   it's your Girl JA Nursing  here, you know it's winter when the porridge starts bubbling in my Kitchen. As your Advocate, I am constantly searching for ways to keep you knowledgeable. Remember Lack of Knowledge Is a Disease  If you are from a West Indian  background  you know all about #OATs,   Oatmeal the Almighty Stamina ingredient, but check out the other great benefits of eating oatmeal.  As we Move into March lets remember that March is  National Nutrition Month. O ne of the most  comment questions asked   is  whether  oatmeal is Gluten Free? Oats do contain some gluten called Avenin, but it is a bit different to the gluten found in wheat.  Some people with Celiac Disease     a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, leading to difficulty in digesting food.  can tolerate oats.  Most oats have been cross-contaminated with gluten at the farm where it is prod

Did You know That The Irish Began Arriving In Jamaica As Early As 1641? Happy St Patrick's Day

Originally published March 17, 2015  Good morning world Hi, its your girl JA Nursing here  Today's St Patricks Day or  as  some would say St Patty's Day. As Parents, it is always important to learn so you  can teach.    I was asked some time ago from my kids  why they had to celebrate  ST Patrick's day?  As a Canadian,  I must admit I didn't know why we celebrated it  either.  With the  last name Smith  (The surname Smith is particularly prevalent among those of English and Irish descent) ,  I was also curious.   AM I IRISH? They have always said that the Irish and Jamaican mesh =Get along  so let's,  find out whats the  real deal about St Patricks Day. Did you know that  Sir Alexander Bustamante, National Hero and first Prime Minister of Jamaica, used to boast that he was 50 per cent Irish, 50 per cent Jamaican and  10 per cent Arawak. Well known for his humorous nature, charm and charisma, 'Busta' as he is affectionately known, When you