Hey it's your Girl JA Nursing  Here with  some exciting news. I just love the summer and all the festivities that we have around town. Well get ready for the time of your Life with Cari Vaughan kicking off Aug 21 2015.
 Cari Vaughan is a 3 day festival devoted to celebrating Caribbean cultures in the City of Vaughan. The objective of Cari Vaughan is to showcase the best of the Caribbean culture, demonstrate Caribbean artistry, generate revenue to fund other Association programs and services throughout the year, to support local charities and to contribute to the community infrastructure.

Organizers are responsible for the set up, take down and cleaning of all public and private places involved in the event. CariVaughan festivities also include a media launch awareness generating events leading up to the event.

CariFestival Association is not-for-profit organization committed to sharing health and wellness, community building and arts and culture programs. CariFestival Association hosts a number of programs and events to celebrate and share the Caribbean culture and artistry. Special thank you to our sponsors for your support throughout the year. Stay connected for more details on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Get involved and help make your community a better place to live.

 CariFestival Association has successfully planned events for the past few years. CariVaughan 2013 is a unique Caribbean experience north of Toronto. A family-friendly event, CariVaughan 2015 offers a carnival parade, uniquely designed costumes, breakfast party, family picnic and live concerts. Residents and revellers across the GTA, Canada, United States, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, and Latin America come to experience the Caribbean culture with a York Region twist.

Save your Costume And  come out and enjoy Our  Cari Festival  Blocko  August 21 with Some of the best DJ's.  We are now Accepting Vendors, community organizations, Food vendors  and sponsors to be a part of this great event. Increase your visibility in Vaughan  for more information email janursingservices@gmail.com

Cari Festival Association is committed to promoting health & wellness, community building and artistic cultural programs. For more information about our exciting suite of programs and services, please feel free Tropical Talent

Tropical Talent

Entry Guidelines 

  • Entry Fees per contestant of $5 are due upon registration.
  • Entrants may sing one song of their choice. (Please have ready to perform 4 times if you advance and you have choice of singing 4 different songs or the same song 4 times).
  • No devices with earplugs. Please bring music you are going to sing to on memory stick or ipod.
  • Chosen songs not in good taste will result in immediate disqualification at the sole discretion of the judges. find out more


  Showcasing Ontario’s Most Talented Singers!


J’ouvert Play Day  Come Out and Enjoy!


In early 2010, LaToya entered the online social scene capturing the hearts of video viewers from all around the world. LaToya’s charisma and incredible wit are among the few traits she is known for when expressing her candid opinions.
Born in Scarborough, Ontario, to Trinidadian parents, LaToya is the eldest of eight children. When she was entering middle school her mother decided to pursue a college education in the US.  Arriving to the US wasn’t such a comfortable experience for LaToya. The family often found themselves moving from home to home depending on help from church friends. While continuously having to pack up her bags, she never really had the opportunity to develop strong relationships with friends. With the desire to express her feelings, LaToya picked up a digital camera and began recording an open-diary video series on YouTube. She now has a diverse collection of video topics ranging from daily vlogs,

Stay connected with Latoya Forever

Registration Form

All participants get a t-shirt Order  and register before July 24, 2015. Pickup week is August.

The time is Now  we are accepting Vendors , Sponsors,  and Food Vendors,
use promocode JANURSING  For your chance to be entered to win a Prize
for more information http://www.carifestival.com/

This has been your Social Buzz  with Michelle Smith your health and Social Advocate stay connected  see y'all 
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