Canada Celebrate's 148 years Sign the petition to Stop Carding Now

Hi Its your Girl JA Nursing here, Happy  JULY  Happy Canada Day. 

July is here, and that means our city streets will be   very busy with our  youths out from school.  Shouting congratulations to all the students that   graduated this year. Such a special time. Sending a Special congratulations to my Son Anthony the A to my JA Nursing, for maintaining a 89% average this year in grade 10.

The reason for this blog is to discuss the safety of our children, as they start the summer. Carding impacts us all. It has been a known fact that individuals stopped by Police represent the black and brown community. 
Carding has been in the forefront since Bill Blair was chief.  Now that we have our first Black Police Chief,  Mark Saunders who made  history as the city's first black police, and  one of the few black chiefs in Canada along side Devon Clunis, who heads the Winnipeg Police Service, who became the first black police chief in the country when he was named chief in 2012. The topic still stands strong as a issue.

Mark Saunders was sworn in as Chief of Police May 20 2015 with comments flying in the media such as

Chief Mark Saunders says abolishing ‘carding’ would lead to more crime

Why Mark Saunders is a 'bittersweet' appointment for Toronto’s black community

Toronto’s new chief defends force’s carding policy

With the concerns of carding still on the table, A growing group of citizens is speaking out against the police practice of carding.  We are committed to a Toronto that is inclusive, diverse, welcoming, and respectful, and carding does not fit that vision. Says the organizers of this petition.

Carding has led many in our city to distrust and disrespect our police.  Anger, hurt and     unrest have replaced any benefits police may derive from this practice.

 We urge Mayor John Tory, Alok Mukherjee, Chair of the Police Services Board and Mark Saunders, Chief of Police to immediately cease the practice of carding.  We also urge Toronto City Council to request the Toronto Police Services Board to eliminate the practice of carding. I agree with this  request. 

As a Mother of a 15 year old Son, I would not want him to experience this process ever. Last year I had the opportunity to be a Mentor for a event called Know Your Rights. Organized by Officer Rod Chung, this  event  gave 200 students the opportunity to ask the Chief of police Bill Blair questions regarding   their rights when approached by the Police. 
With answers given like "in the absence of crime the police  should  not stop you.
Wishful thinking if we could have every Officer in every area follow those rules 

As we celebrate Canada and it's 148th Birthday,  lets make history again by signing this petition to help our youths remain safe  in our community.

If this demeaning practice of selected carding is not terminated quickly, it will irreversibly divide and separate our various communities and cultures. We must be a city where every citizen is treated equally and justly. Change.Org

 Desmond Cole, A  freelance journalist  has written extensively about his interactions with the police.  He states very boldly that "Police practices can destroy reputations"  When asked by  the Toronto Sun Is there a justification or legitimate use for carding?Desmond Cole's answer was
No. If the police are documenting someone as part of a specific criminal investigation, it’s not carding and no one has a problem with that. The problem is that police want to continue carding people whom they don’t suspect of any crime. They have never provided any evidence of the effect this practice has on crime, but that’s not even the point. Searching cars and houses without a warrant might also help police solve more crimes, but those activities are illegal and are therefore invalid policing tools.

But while the mayor will bring a motion to halt the practice at the June 18 meeting of the board, it doesn’t mean carding will be abolished

Sign the petition to Stop Carding Now - Sign the Petition! via @CdnChange

As this subject  grows in concern for the community, Mr Gordon of G98.7fm has also voiced his concerns about ending carding NOW. On June 14 2015 Mr G let the community speak

Who can a complaint be about?​

 The OIPRD accepts complaints​ about sworn police officers in Ontario. This includes municipal and regional police services and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).​
  • Complaints can be about the conduct of an officer or the policies and services of a police service
  • Third-party complaints are accepted​
  • Anonymous complaints are not accepted

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To file your complaint  on line

If you need to  file a complaint against The  Toronto Police click link below

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