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Healthcare advocate chronicles #Aids vs #Cancer

The end of Aids may be closer than we thought:   #health #healthcare   #aids   #bbc   #disease   #cure   #news #science This post spoke volumes to me, growing up HIV was the big ticket illness that everyone feared. Most people felt sick when it seemed like the condom broke after sex. Walking with the look of "death" on their face pardon my expression. 35 million people living with HIV, wow what a number. Quesion of the day how many people are living with cancer? Billions of dollars has gone into HIV research, according to the Aids institute  earliest case noted 1959 in Congo, documented existence in the USA in the mid- late 1970's. In 1999 researchers started their mission. So I guess with the expected answers to be accomplished it will have taken over 31 years; to conclude that prevention will be most noted by reducing risky sexual behaviours. Of course let's not forget investing into the numerous amount of fancy condom

Mission of an Advocate story untold

The mission behind Ja Nursing is to help facillitate changes, the goverment needs to know that we have to have a middle person to help people especially in communities were voices are not heard get the right care and get the best outcomes.  Story women feels lump goes to dr she send this 45 year old for ultrasound it's days she has a cysts Dr says we well watch it come back in 6 months!  Now if I was her advocate I would have said no get mammogram get biopsy of cysts and get second opinion. Now flash forward to 6 months this 45 year old has now stage 2 breast cancer  is scheduled for a mastectomy and is currently and emotional mess. How many more cases like this exists PLENTY so now it's time for change follow me through this journey of health care change this could be you or your loved one sincerely JA Nursing your healthcare advocate  Stay connected I'm your #healthcare advocate  Make the choice today to use a Healthcare Advocate.   Check out my urban health blog  http://

Smoothies make my world go round

My goal as a healthcare advocate is to find and share let's make things easier and take the wonder out of nutrition join me on this challenge brought to Me by @simplegreensmoothies  Zingy Green Glow |  Serves 1  The addition of ginger in this smoothie gives it a zingy taste and an anti-inflammatory hit. Ginger also helps to improve circulation, and brings warmth to the digestion. Ingredients: 1 ½ cups fresh kale ¾ cup coconut water ½ cucumber (yields half a cup), peeled 1 green apple, cored ½ cup pineapple, frozen  ¼ avocado ½-inch ginger root  Directions: Blend kale, cucumber and coconut water together until smooth.  Add remaining ingredients and blend again.  bossSmoothie happy blending Stay connected I'm your #healthcare advocate  Make the choice today to use a Healthcare Advocate.   Check out my urban health blog Email for more info on services Facebook JA Nursing Instagram  JaNursing_ Twitter @JA