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Hey it's your girl JA Nursing here, well we made it parents, school is out. Now what comes next ? For some it may be summer school or a summer job, but let's face it for many it may sleeping all day, following the wrong crowd, making poor choices, not to mention the ever so popular notion of summer loving and hook-ups.  We would love to say no not my child, but it is a reality that has hit many of us, including myself. Often warned about "SummerBelly" I still fell into the trap.   This year we have had a lot of voices heard regarding  the social conflicts that surrounded the newly introduced new sex ed curriculum,  as disagreements spark regarding  the role of the government in family life and how sex education should be taught.   The air has been thick surrounding sexual awareness  extended to parents taking their children out of school, with the fear of to much information being taught, or the very public Orlando shootings, sadly targeting the LGBTQ community

Sickle Cell Disease VS Sickle Cell Trait What's Your Status?

Revised post from May 19, 2014 Hi all it's your girl JA Nursing here, I hope all is well? Over the last couple of years, I have been working directly with Sickle Cell Patients in a acute care hospital setting. June 19 2016 has been proclaimed World Sickle Cell Day. As your health Health Care advocate I just wanted to continue the conversation regarding knowing your sickle cell status. Imagine finding a new partner and your question is what's your status? well add it to the convo what's your HIV and Sickle Cell status. In 2006 Canada included sickle cell to the new born screening list, which means that Parents will have a better opportunity to seek support earlier. For more information about the diseases being screened under this program, you can visit . It is important for individuals to understand that they may have the trait and not know it. The trait very rarely comes with signs

One Match Is Coming To Durham On June 25 2016 JOIN US

Why you should Donate Blood Last week headlines read Stem cell transplant cures children with sickle cell anemia, says Alberta hospital 7 girls, 2 boys cured in what lead doctor considers unprecedented treatment By Lisa Monforton,  CBC News   Posted: Jun 06, 2016 3:03 PM MT  Last Updated: Jun 06, 2016 8:30 PM MT As cited by CBC, and numerous other platforms.  No one else is offering this protocol in children with sickle cell anemia," said Guilcher, who is also an assistant professor in the departments of oncology and pediatrics at the University of Calgary's Cumming School of Medicine. What sets the Calgary procedure apart from other sickle cell anemia cures in young children is the lead up to the transplant.  " This protocol uses the 'lightest' doses of medication — no chemotherapy but immune suppressing drugs only, with a low dose of radiation," said Dr. Guilcher in a statement.  While the protocol was developed and is used in the U.S.,

Be Poor If You Want To Knowledge Is the Key

Dr. Boyce Watkins Interview On How Dame Dash Was Wrong & Getting Your Money Right! Hi, it's  your Girl JA Nursing here,  a couple months ago I  watched the famous interview by Damn Dash.  This video is a highlight of Damn Dash's video.  I celebrated  my 39th birthday on September 4, 2015, and it has left me thinking about my world, my surroundings and what  I can do to help complete my journey of awesomeness.   As I start my new year  I'll  ask myself am I being pimped by my life?  Weekly I will blog about financial literacy topics. Financial literacy has been something that I have struggled with throughout my life due to  lack of knowledge.   Below you will find some quotes from the video. I  encourage you to watch theses video. I have always thought that socially we all have an obligation to change outcomes through our actions.  So I will ask you the question,  are you being pimped by your life? if you feel stuck in your life then you have to make  an ad


Hi all it's your girl JA Nursing here, with some exciting news. It's that time again for Mary Galvin and her amazing team to bring to Durham for another year  the Durham Caribbean  Festival. You are invited to join us   On  Saturday June 25th 2016 ,  at the Ajax Downs  located in the city of Ajax for Durham regions’ most exciting, fun-filled extravaganza.  You will be excited by  Street performers, entertainers, singers, dancers, cultural and heritage groups who come together in one place to celebrate the diversity and flavours of the Durham Caribbean Festival.  You can also look forward to t he  VERY FIRST Caribbean Derby in Canada  which will be live to air On  Sunday June 26th  in Durham. The afternoon will offer an exclusive Caribbean Brunch, Live entertainment  and a Caribbean Parade from   11am to 5pm  at Ajax Downs located at 50 Alexander's Crossing  in Ajax,On. L1Z 2E6 The festival will showcase the unique foods, music, traditi