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Hi it's your Girl JA Nursing here, With March being nutrition month, it's that time again to give you some knowledge. Growing up in a West Indian house hold beets was commonly known for it's powerful punch.You can eat beets raw, roasted or boiled. The top of the beets offer great nutritional value also. You can boil and serve the greens as a tasty dish much like spinach. Beets contain numerous nutrients and vitamins that deliver multiple health benefits. Why the big hype? As more people try to find  natural ways of treating illness beets has been on the #1 list for centuries. As your advocate my goal is to help you figure out the right choices for you. Diabetes and high blood pressure remain on the rise in our community. With this in mind, one might refer you to all tall glass of beet juice. This  helps to lower blood pressure. Beets are rich in natural chemicals called nitrates. Through a chain reaction  your body changes nitrates into nitric oxide, which h

#Healthcare Membership

 What is your gym membership worth to you and what does it mean? My intention is not to diminish the importance of establishing routine  physical activity but it is to ask you this question,  What if you had the ability to have access to a Health  and Social Advocate  247? The  Answer is Yes You CAN.  With This new platform called Healthcare Shield.  Get your membership Now.    You will get the right information, you will have the answers and you will be given the right choices for  overall better outcomes. We service all communities and individuals.   Services Provided Case Management Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, and evaluation.  As patient advocates we do not offer medical advice or services.  We help facilitate the healthcare process which contributes to better communication, understanding, and trust between healthcare providers and their patients.  A sampling of our services include: Review