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Hi it's your girl JA Nursing here, since I just celebrated a milestone with my blog and my endeavors. I figured that I had to do this topic. Since I'm a health and social advocate what alters our health and Social structures more than a relationships or lack of it. So many have questioned am I single or taken? I love to say I'm in training for greatness. Through my journeys of JA Nursing in Toronto Streets, some of the common stories heard is girl I'm single there are no good Men.  Well as Billy Ocean Said " welcome to the love zone" 

10 Qualities Of A Real Man

Guys, pay close attention here because there are literally millions of women out there who are dying to find a great man.
If you’re failing to live up to the following, or don’t know what the qualities of a real man are, you better shape up. Because someone else out there is.
Ladies, if you know a man that comes up short in any of the following areas, or it’s your guy, please pass this along to him.
1)  A Real Man Welcomes Adversity
He invites cooperation and competition, because he knows his self-worth and is comfortable with his capabilities.  He is not afraid to ask questions when he doesn’t know the answer.
2)  A Real Man Is A Leader  
He thinks before he acts, making sure all the details and specifics are in order so when he does make a move, it’s a confident and determined one.  He makes decisions while considering and valuing the input of others and those closest to him.
3)  A Real Man Is Independent  My Favorite one
He does not need a woman in his life to be happy but he appreciates, loves, respects, and truly values her if she is.
4)  A Real Man Is Assertive
He stands up for for what he believes in, behind his convictions,  his words, and himself.  He does not seek approval, supplicate, or beg.  He is responsible for his own actions, and taking action when necessary.

5)  A Real Man Is Honest
He knows being straight forward and upfront is the right thing to do.  He is faithful and respectful when it comes to managing his relationships (business and personal).
6)  A Real Man Has A Plan
He knows what he wants and he goes for it.  He develops a structure from which to act, and get’s better in accomplishing every successful step of it.
7)  A Real Man Is On The Level
He is able to  keep his cool in moments of stress and bends without breaking in the face of adversity and dire circumstances.
8)  A Real Man Is Present 
He is there for his spouse or significant other, children, family, and friends. He supports them in the right way, and does not enable unhealthy behavior.
9)  A Real Man Has A Sense Of Timing
He knows when and when not to crack a joke.  He’s charming and chivalrous – in the right way (i.e. opening the door out of respect and appreciation, not because he feels he has to, or because she cant).
10)  A Real Man Embraces Success
He is not afraid to win and knows the value and growth that comes with losing.  He knows that a rising tide raises all boats, that there is plenty of room in the winner’s circle,  and wants others to succeed, too!

I could certainly keep going on, and I will.  It’s amazing how easy it is to see these things, yet so many fail to do on a daily basis.  Guys, what do you think?  Ladies, we love hearing your take, too.  Is there anything you would like to add?  Hit the share buttons below to sound off…

This has been your Love Zone buzz with Your Girl JA Nursing Michelle Smith your health and social advocate leave a comment  www.janursing.blogspot.ca

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