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Through out the years in Canadian history different forces have shaped Canada to what it is today. These forces are either local, national or global. An example of a local force that has transformed a part of Canada was the "Quiet Revolution". This revolution in Quebec began shortly after the death of Premier Maurice Duplessis in 1959. In 1960 Jean Lesage and the liberals were in charge of Quebec. They changed around Quebec a lot in only six year. Jean Lesage funded the building of many provincial buildings, homes, institutions and government structures (schools and hospitals). 

Before this Maurice Duplessis and the Roman Catholic churches in Quebec rejected anything they thought to be progressive. As a result of this the literacy rate in Quebec was low and many were still living on farms with very large families and no health care plan . This local revolution changed Quebec for the better because it allowed people to get an education and move from farms. This local force shaped Canada because this period in time was the beginning of French nationalism and the want of sovereignty.  

Also this is the first period in time where all of Canada is industrialized and educated. Hockey night in Canada broadcasting for the first time on CBC is a local force that has shaped Canada today, On October 11, 1952 the first hockey game was broadcasted on television and the viewer rating was outstanding. Since then it has been a tradition passed on from many families to play outside in the winter and watch hockey during the other seasons. Which shaped a very energetic and hockey loving Canada 

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