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Love my team smarties over 15,500 views Thank You

 What a perfect day to tell  you thank you. Its Spring and  International Happiness day Hello it's your girl JA Nursing in the building and exciting couple weeks Get Pink'd, Juno's 2015, Spring, Montreal Trip, My Son On The Honor Role, Website Coming, Happy  international happiness Day, First Fridays, Flower Pryce, Love,  faith  my list can go on of JA Nursing in  The Streets. But 2 weeks ago I told you all thank you and I want to keep up the tradition..... You all are my team smarties and I want to tell yo thank you for taking the time out to read. Working on doing some more video. Do you have any suggestions of topics let me  know leave a comment and I will  be sure to answer. Actually lets start a ASK MICHELLE section YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING that you need to know this section will be about any thing personal, motivational, cooking, hair etc you get the point lets connect. So far I would have to say one of my funnest outings was watching the prac

Exco Levi - Welcome The King

Exco Levi - Welcome The King (Official HD Video): HI Its your Girl JA Nursing sending congratulations to Exco Levi 4 time juno Winner. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Him at his CD release party. Great turn  out... Not to mention you heard him back stage calling into Street Talk an Urban radio program online each and every Thursday by Linky Links.  So many questions to answer but I'll just leave you with this video for now.....

Flower Pryce Breath Of Fresh Air Edition

Hey Its your Girl JA Nursing, Hope all is  well my Smarties, last week was  a amazing week with my Get Pink'd Campaign. It was a real testament of community love. It has driven me to recognize some people in  our Community. This new segment will be called    My  Breath of fresh Air Mention #BOFAM As your Advocate its a pleasure to introduce you to Flower Pryce or I'll  say reintroduce you to Flower Pryce. I say this  because she is  a breath of fresh air. She  is  A  Mother, Wive, Author, Media Personality and most of all a Go Getter. This  Queen,  offers  a flavor that  is a force to be reckoned with.  It started off as a social media meeting via Instagram,  My first   encounter with  Mrs Pryce at a Dance Hall event that show cased our cities musical talents called BUSS. TalkBout Media was Present in every sense of the word.  S/o to Sandra, Yellow and Tazz. for creating this  showcase of our Cities  Talent.  As a lover of Music and the arts,

Waist Trainers What You Should know Knowledge Is Power

Hey It's Your Girl   JA Nursing  here, many ask about waist trainers and I would share that I use them while working out. Did you know that you can NOW  shop online for your Hair and Hair Care  products along with your body shaping and Waist Training   products SHOP  now click the link      Shop now for your waist trainer today follow on twitter @QBS1 and instagram Queensbeautysupplyqbs or waisttrainer1  JUST REMEMBER WITH THIS AND A NEW ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOUR HEALTH YOU WILL SEE THE CHANGES.   With your purchase you can also get a free HEALTH CONSULTATION SESSION. GET YOUR 6 month  FREE MEMBERSHIP TO HEALTHCARE SHIELD TODAY  JUST ASK ABOUT IT.  While wearing the waist trainer, the tight compression will help to reduce food volume intake which will help achieve the healthier practice of smaller meals, more often, rather than three large meals a day.   Waist traini

Thank you over 14,500 views

I Just wanted  to say thank you for Visiting my page  #teamsmarties knowledge is power. JA Nursing is Your Health And Social advocate last week I said thank you and I'll keep saying thank you for taking the time to stay informed with Everything Health and everything social yah over 14,500views. lets go for 15,000 Let me  start off  by saying  Thank You  for finding the time to come on my world. I'm glad we have spent this time together.  I am your Health and Social Advocate. What does that mean for us this year? My Smarties Well, you will get the opportunity to interact more with me You will be along for the journey too of JA Nursing In the Streets. I think I'll call you all  My Smarties.   I believe that anyone who takes the time out to visit my blog or any of my media outlets is definitely  trying to be a Smartie.  The goal here is to   Give you all the knowledge which in turn will give you all the power to deal with vario