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Tonight was a night of community love the reason for this blog is to support the Front Room as well as a organization in Peel that I look forward to working with.  Social Advocacy is combined with seeing the community as change agents.

  it's your Girl JA Nursing here. with your social advocate buzz of the day.... in a few hours  ago I  was joined   by Angela J Carter Of United Achievers Inc.  as a speaker at JNB  town hall  meeting hosted by Mary Galvin of JNB Money Transfer.  UACS inc  is  a community organization in Peel  that work to up lift the community of peel. JA Nursing We Care Inc  is a community organization for the community and  with that mission it also includes working with all organizations to create the common goal of community advancement.  With that being said Brampton   get ready for another  epic night of Laughter therapy when  the cast of Marcia Brown Productions presents Front Room Another hit comedy show.  
August  8 2015 one show only add Front Room to your calendar. Get your tickets today by using PROMOCODE  JANURSING

Having the opportunity to meet Marcia Brown, as she hosted a fundraiser for  Gerdine  Graham Foundation for Leukemia. At that moment when she described me as a Diva I knew she has a passion for comedy and the arts. Marcia Brown is the founder and artistic director of Marcia Brown Productions. She is an acclaimed producer, writer, director and performer. She is one of the premier female actresses in Toronto's Caribbean community with a reputation that affords her familiarity and trust among avid theatergoers. 
Upon moving to Canada in 1989, Marcia realized quite early that there would be challenges in the industry, the primary being “lots of talent and not enough opportunities”. Despite this challenge she was able secure roles in a few Jones & Jones Productions’ stage plays. She later worked with Theater in The Rough, We Are One Theater and a few other local community groups. While she appreciated those opportunities Marcia knew in her heart that they were just not enough and she had to find a medium to create more opportunities for herself and then for others. She started by writing short comedy skits and performed them for small to medium-size audiences then in 2000 she combined her vast experience in theatre with her producing skills to formulate what would later become Marcia Brown Productions.

The plays produced by Marcia Brown Productions include: “Common-Law”, “Wipe That Smile”, “Rosetta”, “Single Entry”, "Feminine Justice", "Children Children" and "Country Duppy" and I Need To Know My Father. Of the lot, she directed “Wipe That Smile” & “Feminine Justice” and all have seen returns for encore performances. However the greatest production achievement so far has been “I Need To Know My Father” which has evolved into the longest running local production in the history of the Toronto Theater scene.

Marcia has performed in all the plays produced by her production company. This is not an easy feat; from studying lines, developing characters, scouting locations, selecting suitable crew members and financing the dream, her hands have indeed been full. 

Front Room is a slice of Jamaican life that is nostalgic, spirited, tangy, real and hilariously funny. Set in the inner city of down-town Kingston, Front Room gives an authentic view of a tenement yard situation when the biggest room in the yard becomes vacant. 

This front room carries a perception of prestige and is the envy to not only the tenants in the yard but the entire area. Miss Pinky (a tenant in the yard), a bible touting born again Christian firmly believes she is next in line to get the front room given her “hush-hush” relationship with the landlord Mr. Keys. It would also create a good impression on her niece Peaches who will be coming from the country to stay with her while she attends nursing school in Kingston. 

Miss Pinky is therefore very infuriated when she is side stepped by Mr. Keys and the front room is rented to a total stranger, Miss Melva. These are all the ingredients needed for a roller-coaster ride filled with drama and laughter, all larger and more genuine than life itself. 

It is the tug-an-war for the front room that develops the characters and scenes in Front Room. Of course there are conflicts in relationships among the people, but this does not prevent the community from uniting itself when a member of the yard is threatened. It is the Jamaica of today that is mirrored in ‘Front Room’, the real builders, the real people who stalwartly take life’s problems as they come, solve them the best way possible and move on in their particular way of improving their quality of life.

 Front Room   opened June 14 2015

Without giving away the story, this Play is A must see. Miss  Pinky and her comical speaking,  to Mr Keys and his love for helping people, all the Actors on set, bring you on a real roller- coaster ride that will have you leaving  with tears in your eye and a belly full of joy. Front Room will  be another great hit, added to the list of productions that MBP has put on.
The surprising reveals and and the big yard battle field approach will certainly have you wanting more.  August 8 2015  get your tickets and make it a date to see Front Room tickets are going fast

 This has been your laughter therapy buzz  with JA Nursing  you heard it hear first.
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