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JA Nursing Meets Read 2 Rap

Several months ago I attended a event called If I ruled T.O, that was the start of my meeting  Roger, Kevin, and Tru-Gk the Read 2 Rap Crew.  That was my first experience at sitting at the Round Table.  Several  weeks ago I  was formally asked again to participate in what is known as the Round Table .  Being of West Indian descend Jamaican to be exact I remember seeing gatherings taking place and it being referred to as  Round Table or they would saying were having Round Table Talk. Lets examine the dictionary meaning: Round table  is a form of academic discussion. Participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. Each person is given equal right to participate, because of the circular layout usually used in round table discussions. Or  round table[ round-tey-buhl ] noun 1. a number of persons gathered together for conference, discussion of some subject, etc., and often seated at a round table. When invited to participate I decided to look them up  and share with you this i