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Are You Asking The Right Health Care Questions?

The Right Questions will Give You The Right Answers Good Day All,   I have exciting news for you. We  have launched  OUR  new and exciting plan just For You.   

Let's take a moment to understand the prime purpose of such services and its overall mission. Research shows that individuals who have a good relationship with their health care team receive better care and are happier with their care.  Patients and families who engage with a  Health Care Coach ask good questions which help to  reduce the risk of errors and hospital admissions.  Your health depends on good communication

Healthy  living includes attaining true knowledge that helps you maintain a new lifestyle change. Being a Nurse in such a multicultural city, I have  seen many people receive inadequate care due to a  lack of understanding.  I just want to share some healthcare information to help increase your total potential of staying healthy.

It has been cited that  Doctors interrupt patients 18 seconds into an …


Updated January 9 2016 original post-Sept 15 2014. As  the year progresses I will update my  Do You Know The Rules of School Posts
Listening to steps after dark I heard the words of  retweeted Jun 1 Tuesday#HotTipsnTopix Kerry Lee Speaks Author of "Awakening a Cultural Unconsciousness Equitably Improving Student Achievement"
Brought me to this blog originally

Hello all, it's Michelle Smith, your Health and Social advocate. I hope all is well? last year I did a blog about learning the rules of the school system. That blog received over 2200 views. Thank you for your continued commitment to reading my blogs. Being a Parent is a difficult challenge that requires as much support as possible. With my now, 21-year-old daughter and my 16-year-old son, The rules of School is a topic that requires continuous follow-up. At best I am a Parent advocate.
Learning to navigate the school system dates back to my own experience of being a h…

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Meet Michelle Smith Your
Health & Social Advocate JA Smith Consulting And Nursing Services is a Social Enterprise, a division of  JA Nursing We Care Inc.  We are  taking Advocacy to a new level by rising to meet the challenges of both our healthcare and social system,  By bridging the gap between these  two systems, it will create a new wave of empowerment, which will improve the health and  social outcomes for the clients that we serve. We understand the importance of cultural competency, and this is what set's us apart  WELCOME
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We understand the importance of cultural competence as a tool for increasing the impact in both the health and social sector. Our Mission is to provide an approach that addresses prevention, risk, and coping skills with regards to Health and Social issues. JA Nursing We Care Inc.…