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What is your health worth?

Many of us will happily spend money on  clothes, shoes, entertainment, vacations, dinner out at a restaurant, cars, electronical gadgets. 
...but what about your health?
We take for granted that we will be looked after by our doctors, when we seek medical attention. We assume that that knowledge of our Doctors is superior to none.
Do you believe that?
What happens when the right answers Are not  available to us?
Here is a new way to look at a pro-active approach to your health and wellbeing. JA Nursing offers 14 years of experience in Nursing in various healthcare settings, Ja Nursing has had the professional expertise of changing healthcare outcomes for countless amount of individuals giving them clear concise information on how to be truly in charge of their health. We do not pray on the vulnerability of individuals who require the right answers. The wave of fitness and wellness professionals are  only able to touch the surface of  ones health concerns being weight. A individual should b…

April 9 2014 Pink Day Stop bullying

Hi it's your girl JA Nursing hope all is well.I wanted to  blog about today because I think it's an important day to realize your strengths as an individual in being able to accept  people for who they are and their choices. Coming from a West Indian family were our believe system ran very biblical, I once found myself questioning things like a persons sexuality and a persons behavior. (I no longer) Growing up in the 80's the biggest school issue was the color of your skin. Growing up being the darkest child in both my family and school it's was quite bothersome names like "tar baby" "blacky" we're very harmful  words. 

At one point I was tempted to "bleach" a term used for lightening your skin. I struggled with self esteem issues and being teased or as we have given a name to it as being bullyied. 
As a healthcare advocate I see  all aspects of your health as being important, bullying plays a large role on ones mental health and I'm…

JA NURSING In T.O. Streets: April is Autism awareness month��