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Are You thinking of seeing a Naturopath or a Homeopath?

So you are thinking of seeing a naturopath or a homeopath?   Did you know ? A homeopathic practitioner is trained only in homeopathy, while a naturopathic doctor has the training, education and expertise to design an overall treatment program that draws on a number of therapies, including homeopathic remedies. Knowing the difference is the start. Let JA Nursing assist with those  choices. To become a naturopath in Ontario:  let's just learn who you may be consulting about your health. After all not all Doctors are made equal. FYI  To be  considered for admission to the ND program, applicants must have completed a three- or four-year bachelor's degree in any discipline at an accredited institution. Then you can apply   to be a   Naturopathic Doctor (ND) 4-year program.  Of course after this you are ready to run your   business   as a Naturopathic Doctor (ND).  Let's make it clear Naturopathic                               medicine is a b

When JA Nursing Meets Fine China And Mr Dubbs

HI Good Morning its your Girl JA Nursing Tonight my  #METIME will be spent With ReggaeTown radio SO I guess by now you have been able to guess THAT   I  LIKE  Music NAH ACTUALLY I LOVE MUSIC    I think  IT is my ultimate Therapy.  It cheap, free and  Its just one of those things  that you know the saying When it Hits You Feel No Pain  you can find me on the G98.7fm twitter feed  using the HASTAG   #musictherapy   As you know music is the healing of all nations. Several months ago, I meet  Mr Chris Dubbs in the CHRY 105.5Fm studioS  Holla big Up Dj Wiz of the Wixzology Show I used to do a Health Chat on his show at 430pm on Thursdays. AND THE STORY BEGINS OF HOW JA NURSING MET Mr Chris Dubbs ,  AND YES HE IS THE very same one that helps to light up the MORNING RIDE SHOW  on  CIUT 89.5FM on MONDAY MORNINGS  Shout Outs To the Morning Ride Crew THAT day I was taking about Medical Marijuana and its great effects , Dubbs was in the bu


Hi Good morning,  It's your girl JA Nursing, It started off with a tweet  from Potential Films, I had the opportunity to meet the  Potential  Films Team  at  The Juice Cup Comedy Show  Jamaica vs Africa heldin Toronto, they Filmed my  Interview with  Michael Blackson Actor Michael Blackson is a Ghanaian actor and comedian. He uses his African and American life experiences in his stand up comedy routine in a slight Ghanaian accent.  Wikipedia   for MissGo2Girl Media. This team is one to continue to  watch their work is exceptional, So when they sent me this tweet of course I had to  checked it out. PotentialFilms  ‏ @ potentialfilms3     Feb 21 @ JaNursing Brand new @ AionClarke video http://   # EdSheeran # cover SALUTE TO  POTENTIAL FILMS GREAT WORK ON THIS VIDEO.           #1 SOURCE FOR FILM AND PHOTOGRAPHY WORLDWIDE; WE FILM EVERYTHING! Since I'm a lover of music


Hello Team Smarties  I would like to   say thank you  to  all  who participated in GET PINK'D  2014 , But  through this last year we have lost more Mothers, Daughters and Sisters to Cancer.  This campaign will be Dedicated to our Angels lost, Our Warriors still battling and dedicated to keeping awareness and hope alive.  I'm asking you to  Get together with your work colleagues, teammates and friends and help create a future without breast cancer! Leave your traditional suit, socks or shirt behind and “Get Pink’d!” in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation  with JA NURSING  On March 12 2015 I will be your  “Get Pink’d! Team Lead” Get together with your work colleagues, teammates and friends and help create a future without breast cancer! Leave your traditional suit, socks or shirt behind and “Get Pink’d!” in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Knowledge is power and I will continue to support the needs of the c


#lovetherapy Hey its your Girl   JA Nursing It's  back again.......and I'm excited to announce that on   March 8 2015,  I  will be one of the Hosts Of  the night. The Love Dare Ultimate Date Night You may be saying  but Girl your Single! why would you want to be involved in a couples event? Love is universal, it is in your heart and sometimes it's   a lesson that needs to be relearned. The phenomenon of falling in and out of love inevitably confounds singles and couples alike. If you’re single, it works like this: “Of course I want to marry someone I’m in love with, but I know people tend to fall out of love with the people they are in love with.” If you’re married, it works like this: “I can’t tell you exactly when it happened, but the magic just isn’t there any more.”  Ive been On [MI] time learning about my strengths and weaknesses , Finding out what will make me the Ultimate Mate so if you are singl


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Your love therapy with THE Real Single Ladies of Toronto

RSL Presents: The Way To A Man's Heart "Cook Off" on  Valentine's Day 2015 MEET THE REAL SINGLE LADIES OF TORONTO       Hi it's your  Girl JA Nursing  HAY   #teamsmarties so it's official, the one week count down has started to the big   V,  Valentines day,  February 14 2015.   As we know this day can be an  absolute disaster for some women and men. I'll let it be know that i'm an official member of the single's club. Yes JA Nursing is Single. I support the movement very much, as a single women in Toronto it has been quite the challenge to find a partner that see's things eye to eye. The goal of partnership and courting has lost a lot of value and my question would be why? Is shivery dead?  is age a factor, children, education. Im at a lost for words so I'll definitely commend the REAL SINGLE LADIES OF TORONTO for starting  the dialogue about Love Therapy and relationships. On February 14th, 20

Heritage Skills Development Center (HSDC) Entrepreneurship program

Good morning  #TEAMSMARTIES let's start this week different. DO YOU know someone who could benefit from  this program.  The Goal of JA Nursing's   community division  is to bring awareness about programs that will help increase your Health and Social Literacy. I would like to announce  to you that Heritage Skills Development Center (HSDC)  will be accepting registrations for  A  Youth  Entrepreneurship program Which will start on February 21st 2015 .   The program offers self-employment training, business development support and mentorship as well as guidance on succeeding in your own business! Learn how to develop your business idea into a Profitable Small Business! Become an entrepreneur! Jumpstart your future! This program is FREE, and open to Youth aged 18-30! There are limited spaces available for this FREE program! Free Refreshments will be provided, and Prizes will be awarded for the Best 3 Business Plans ($500 -


Hey its your Girl   JA Nursing, Hope all is well,  its raining outside today! guess its better than snow right? so yesterday the air was thick with alot of RIP's for the lovely TITI Branch  who committed suicide on December the 5th  2014. The air was dim but people were certainly aware of Mental Health and its Effects.  The all out question would be why  would such a beautiful successful women take her Life  S he did it ? but today is a new day we can't get back lost time so lets start this day fresh So heres to a new day  Smile for me, I'm smiling are YOU?  This story for me is just another story, sounds cold hah but thats not what I mean. Being in nursing for so long has only opened my eyes to the many issues that face both adults and youths. I always say that there is a fine line between Mental Health  awareness and support for Mental Illness . For this reason this whole situation quite often goes under discovered and under treated leaving alot of peop