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#WCW Goes To Viola Davis Women Support Women Congratulations

How to Get Away With Murder   |  Pulse Pounding, Jaw Dropping: Thursdays on CTV kicks off Sept. 24 at 8/7  Good morning world it's your girl JA Nursing here, Wow what amazing week for women. today as we support the ever popular hashtag  #WCW    WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAY'S  mine goes to non other than Award-winning actress Viola Davis.  Viola Davis  has earned raves for such films as 'Doubt' and 'The Help,' as well as for such Broadway plays as 'King Hedley II' and 'Fences.' In 2015, she became the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role on 'How to Get Away With Murder.' for most of you who may be not awake or have been stricken with the I have no cable bug.  Let me give you a lttle run down about this gorgeous black women who has created history. I have a

Sean Penn files 10 million dollar lawsuit

Hi it your Girl JA Nursing here, with  Empire about to kick off Lee Daniels finds himself in  some legal woes as he speaks to the swirling information about Terrance Howard and his abuse allegations.  According to this site  Defamer listed is some of the allegations agaist Howard   2010 - 2011 The allegation: Howard married his second wife, Michelle Ghent, on January 20, 2010. It took less than a week for the alleged violence to begin . Ghent filed for divorce in January 2011, and the divorce papers detail a gruesome year: a slug in the face a week into the marriage, a beating and near-toss off a balcony in South Africa in July, and threats with a butcher knife in the week prior to her filing for divorce. The abuse apparently continued as Howard and Ghent tried to reconcile. Howard's defense: Howard alleges that it was Ghent who was violent towards him, the judge


Football and Networking with The Toronto ARGONAUTS Hi it's your girl JA Nursing here,  I am excited to be apart of  this great event,  in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Breast Cancer awareness has always been a topic of discussion  for me particularly  due  to losing   my Sister to Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is a complex disease that will affect 1 in 9 Canadian women during their lifetime.According to the latest statistics, it is estimated that 25,000 women and 220 men in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and that 5,000 women and 60 men will die from the disease in 2015.   The message here is that we will continue to show support for all  Women and families who have been affected by Breast Cancer. This event will not only allow you to support a much needed cause, but you will have the opportunity  to network.  GET READY AS WE HELP TACKLE WOMENS CANCER WITH THE CFL  This year, you have the opportunity to show you care through various  spon

106,612 page views Let me say thank You!

  Good day Team Smarties, The last couple months have been quite the excitement. With the launch of my Community division and the exciting opportunities that I have been able to be involved in.  I am truly humbled to say that my blog has reached over 106,612 page views. My goal  has been to increase the health and social literacy of not only my surrounding communities but to establish global knowledge towards health. Whats next for your girl JA Nursing,  well as back to school starts, and the fall and winter kicks in their will always be new topics to keep you reading through the night.  I've decided that I will start vloging and release some of my outings.  I will also be using  Periscope to do live chats with you all.... leave a comment with things you would like me to discuss.  Lets enjoy increasing our health awareness through my urban platform have a great day   JA NURSING WE CARE  INC.   Our MISSION  IS  to ensure that   people of all ages  have awarene