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America lost another Great one in History Marion Barry RIP

Let him Rest In Peace  Hi Good Morning/afternoon  happy Sunday all ! It's your girl JA Nursing This is your Social buzz today.  I woke up to the sad news that Marion Barry has died at  the age of 78. Who? You might ask? Was not the question that I had. But what  does this mean for me? I'm Canadian right, but nope I'm a Mother an advocate and a curious individual that gets tired of not being able to hear or see   The    well known  biblical quote  which says   Give  unto  Cesar what is due  to him .   So I took to my twitter handle  @janursing  to write my condolence . Then I saw  @CP24: Former DC mayor Marion Barry, who staged comeback after 1990 crack cocaine arrest, dead at 78. Hmmm ! My first impression was why did Cp24 have to add that in the title?    I understand breaking news is the goal of media but I found it rather hard in the same line when talking about a persons passing; Especially because of the many changes that he helped to implement. I continued to do more

Do you Suffer from Decision Fatigue? This could Be YOU !

Hi it's your girl Ja Nursing HERE,  This post is a guilty post, what's that you ask? well I bought a new jacket today, when I should have been buying winter tires.   To imagine JA Nursing in Toronto Streets with out safe tires. Not Cool. Safety is a part of Nursing; Shame on Me.    I'm always late with winterizing my car. The day started with the strong desire to get my tires today  BUT   I ended up all over the place. First 2 stops Martin grove and Rexdale. I went to  2 tire shops and  didn't like the wait time so I left and  I ended up at  Sears buying a Winter Jacket (Another one). Let it be known I saved $184.00 which still counts as being on the simplistic list. {right}  I guess my mind was being practical in thinking if my car breaks down this winter I'll be warm.  Mission failed I reached home tire less  with a new coat! To say the least.   I started to do my regular evening social media browsing through Facebook  which brought me to and a ar

Found A New Office Assistant Meet Lady P

Hi it's your girl  JA Nursing  With a long week ahead a lot of thoughts, I was doing my routine search on Facebook and came across Passion Planner Via Kick Starter Through my quest for organization I have  found another young lady in search of the same mission. Passion Planner is the revolutionary paper planner that helps you live passionately and start focusing on what REALLY matters.   Created by   Angelia Trinidad. I went on a search  for more info, I saw a comment by someone named  Michelle   she wrote  about 16 hours ago I'm not a big fan of paper, but then I remembered I could print the pdf to OneNote and use it as if I was writing on it with my tablet computer! Your design is amazing. I wish you all the best in your pursuits. :) I agree 😀 this started looking good to me.  As Angela asked here's my take. On  the Passion Planner! Let's get focused. As discussed in the  video, I would a

Art House Celebrates The Beauty of Life Refix

I call this the Refix  to the info below? I want you to see all that you missed, So call me a women  that appreciates life.  ArtHouse Hi it's your  Girl JA Nursing just wanted to inform you about another great event  by   Life Records Entertainment.  Toronto be prepared  to have your Senses stimulated. I would  say it's a definite night of Visual and mentally stimulated Therapy.  Research, has noted that our moods are affected the most by what we take in through our senses. What we smell, hear, see, feel, and taste are processed neurobiologically, and emotionally  Well this  Saturday November 15 2015 Life Records Entertainment Group returns with a second installment of their new art driven event series, Art House. The niche style concept series plays on the 5 senses: sound, sight, touch, smell and taste .  The Art House experiences brings  all 5 senses together in a creatively entertaining way.  Created to bring art lovers and entertainment seekers together, the event aims to l

JuiceCup Africa vs WestIndies in the Six

BUY ONLINE: Laughter Therapy in the SIx Hi It's your Girl JA Nursing, so I'm  Super  excited about  Juice Cup. With a couples days until  Juice Cup I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on this match, I've been to them all, and  last year Team WestIndies Won brap brap as we would say in Jamaker as Trixx would say. One  man that I  find funny who is added to teamAfrica is the one     APHRICAN APE.    Working in my field I have seen many cultural  believes towards health. In light of health issues, the very funny    APHRICAN APE   pokes fun of a typical African Mothers Reaction over a simple health problem,  like most Mothers you  would expect the suggestion of Tea and a Nap to be the solution but not according to Aphrican Ape  Watch  and see   Did you laugh well I'm still laughing  As your Social Advocate I  just

Keep your hands to YourSelf

Good night, A mom calls me today very upset that her 6 year old daughter was touched on her bottom by a 6 year old boy at her school.  Daughter age 6 complained right away to the TDSB teacher and principle but they did not not tell mom until today. Mom calls me to ask how should she handle this very upsetting situation. With the rage in her voice I tried to calm her down, which did not work. Moms upset that the school did not speak to her about it assuming that her daughter who is only 6 years old should have told her. Problem with that is it's the Adults responsibility to seek protection and guidance in such a situation. When the mom addressed the length of time between incident and and the follow up, the Principle told mom that Boy has issues at home, father is no longer in the home. The Mom has clearly expressed her concerns with Not caring about that other child's home issues, because her child has been violated. Mom has expressed that tomorow she wants the child removed fr


Put Your Hands On Me! CPR    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR , is an emergency procedure performed in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest. I remember starting nursing school and thinking to myself what would I do if I saw a stranger choking, or not breathing? I always had this vision that it would be an untidy person off the street. I prayed because  I though to myself what would I really do. After all I Am a nurse, Right?  will back then the story was drop stop and blow in to the persons mouth "Mouth2Mouth"  sounds good if you know the person. But what if you don't? The only place mouth to mouth was performed was in hospital. But that has all changed.  With infection control policies increasing and considerations for the safety of health professionals the rules have changed. More importantly the Rules have