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updated original post June 14/2015 thank you to the 170 readers who read this post. Tonight was a night of community love the reason for this blog is to support the Front Room as well as a organization in Peel that I look forward to working with.  Social Advocacy is combined with seeing the community as change agents.   it's your Girl JA Nursing here. with your social advocate buzz of the day.... in a few hours  ago I  was joined   by Angela J Carter Of United Achievers Inc.  as a speaker at JNB  town hall  meeting hosted by Mary Galvin of JNB Money Transfer.  UACS inc   is  a community organization in Peel  that work to up lift the community of peel. JA Nursing We Care Inc  is a community organization for the community and  with that mission it also includes working with all organizations to create the common goal of community advancement.  With that being said Brampton   get ready for another  epic night of Laughter therapy when  the cast of Marcia Brown Productio

Have You Heard That Eating Kale Is Bad For You? Find Out More

Hi it's your Girl JA Nursing here , last week through my daily internet stroll  I found Published on : July 17, 2015   a article  By K. Aleisha Fetters  in Women's Health  which Read  Is Eating Too Much Kale Poisonous?  A nutritionist weighs in on the nasty rumors circulating about this leafy green.  To my surprise I of course clicked the linked and dove head first into the article. With the fear that my daily rituals will have to change. However, this article was in response to a article by Tom Philpott  published on Wed Jul. 15, 2015 which   read Sorry, Foodies: We're About to Ruin Kale. This Mother Jones Story has managed to create  47,000 shares on Face book  with it's cautionary title. In fact both theses titles have definitely called for my attention. The role of JA Nursing  as your Health Care advocate will always be to continue to increase your Health Literacy when it pertains to information and news on health. With all the medical jargon who best t

Navigation Crisis Information

Are You in Crisis? Hi it's your girl JA Nursing here, I heard the sad news today that a angel was sent to heaven. As you wake up with your loved one Ask yourself do you know someone in crisis? This is your Health care and Social Advocate Michelle Smith please if you require more information on how to help someone please call me 416-567-7556 I will help you navigate the system. Or email we are here to particularly help individuals within the Carribean Community understand and cope with Mental Wellness. We will help you navigate this issue work to help you understand how to cope. If you are in a crisis and require emergency assistance: ∙Visit your local emergency department or call 911 ∙Contact one of the Crisis Response Programs serving Toronto below: Anishnawbe 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Management Service: 416-891-8606    (Aboriginal clients)  not only promotes Traditional Aboriginal practices but has affirmed and placed them at its core. Its m

Find out More about Canadian History by Anthony Pottinger

 Hello Team Smarties It's your girl JA Nursing here, several weeks ago My  15 year old Son Anthony, created a web site for his class project. He got 100%. Lets say congratulations To Anthony for keeping up his grades. Anthony is the A to my JA Nursing.  As parents it is very important to speak positive word. Introduction  "TO WHAT EXTENT HAVE LOCAL, NATIONAL AND GLOBAL FORCES SHAPED CANADA?" Through out the years in Canadian history different forces have shaped Canada to what it is today. These forces are either local, national or global. An example of a local force that has transformed a part of Canada was the "Quiet Revolution". This revolution in Quebec began shortly after the death of Premier Maurice Duplessis in 1959. In 1960 Jean Lesage and the liberals were in charge of Quebec. They changed around Quebec a lot in only six year. Jean Lesage funded the building of many provincial buildings, homes, institutions and government structures (

JA Nursing Speaks LIVE On That Channel. COM July 17 2015

Hey it's your girl JA Nursing Here, Last week I had a amazing interview with ThatChannel Live Internet TV!  My mandate is to continue  to increase the literacy within my community and globally via different media platforms. I felt like saying " hi Mom look I'm on TV.  Big Smiles. Thank you Hugh Reilly and Hildegard Gmeiner for having me on the show. Find out more about JA Nursing in Toronto Streets TO  See my interview only skip to 1:15:15 GUEST 3 - Michelle Smith on Practical Nursing Services and Health Care Shield Don't forget Health care shield is for us all.  Healthcare Shield is Now Available,   imagine  your very own Advocate  and Health Care Coach  that is dedicated to your Total  Health and  Social Wellness. ARE you Wondering who to call about your health questions?  Are you Scared to talk to your doctor because you know he will not take the  time to explain to you the answers? Do  y

Team Jamaica House Promo Mix by DJ Rory

  Hi its your girl JA Nursing here, with a few days left for the most anticipated event to hit the 6ix.   This weeks   Music therapy feature goes to Dr Rory.   He  definitely has me excited with his Team Jamaica house music mix, which I have been listening to all week.  I felt that I had to let my readers know more about this musical genius.  DJ Rory is undoubtedly one of the most requested DJ’s in Toronto DJ Rory has built a loyal following over the last 10 years as a founding member of Legacy Sound. Known for mixing Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-hop, R&B and Dance – DJ Rory’s style has the energy and competitiveness of dancehall, with the smooth mixing and seamless blending of hip-hop/House. .DJ Rory has played many celebrity events and opened for many notable Reggae and Hip-hop concerts across Canada.Including being a part of Team Jamaica House July 22-24 2015. Currently Dj Rory is the official tour DJ for Zoloworld recording artist ZOLO. Zolo is one of the fastest ris

10 Qualities Of A Real Man Love Zone In Session

Hi it's your girl JA Nursing here, since I just celebrated a milestone with my blog and my endeavors. I figured that I had to do this topic. Since I'm a health and social advocate what alters our health and Social structures more than a relationships or lack of it. So many have questioned am I single or taken? I love to say I'm in training for greatness. Through my journeys of JA Nursing in Toronto Streets, some of the common stories heard is girl I'm single there are no good Men.  Well as Billy Ocean Said " welcome to the love zone"  10 Qualities Of A Real Man Guys, pay close attention here because there are literally  millions  of women out there who are dying to find a great man. If you’re failing to live up to the following, or don’t know what the qualities of a real man are, you better shape up. Because someone else out there is. Ladies, if you know a man that comes up short in any of the following areas, or it’s  your  guy, please pass thi


   Hi it's  your Girl JA Nursing here, with July  under way  and all the excitement with the Pan Am games in Toronto July 10–26 2015. I'm pretty excited to volunteer for this amazing upcoming event Jamaica House 2015 where winners meet.  Toronto get ready for another episode of Music Therapy in the 6ix   WITH THE   TEAM JAMAICA HOUSE   the official launch   Day 1  JULY 22ND (6:00PM- 2:00AM)  Ignition Media Day   With Toronto's very Own Mel Dube as the opening Act, catch this gorgeous songstress FIND ON TWITTER                             Everyone is invited for a unique Jamaican experience filled with mouthwatering Jamaican treats and entertainment from legendary reggae artists. Competing national athletes will be in attendance to meet and greet with fans throughout the evening as well as special guests performers ROOTZ UNDERGROUND KACI FENNELL Get ready for


GET READY TO HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE AS WE CELEBRATE THE CARIBBEAN IN VAUGHAN!   Hey it's your Girl JA Nursing  Here with  some exciting news. I just love the summer and all the festivities that we have around town. Well get ready for the time of your Life with Cari Vaughan kicking off Aug 21 2015.   Cari Vaughan is a 3 day festival devoted to celebrating Caribbean cultures in the City of Vaughan. The objective of Cari Vaughan is to showcase the best of the Caribbean culture, demonstrate Caribbean artistry, generate revenue to fund other Association programs and services throughout the year, to support local charities and to contribute to the community infrastructure. Organizers are responsible for the set up, take down and cleaning of all public and private places involved in the event. CariVaughan festivities also include a media launch awareness generating events leading up to the event. CariFestival Association is not-for-profit organization committed