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When JA Nursing IN The Streets Meets linky Links Street Talk UPDATED

Updated Hi its your girl JA Nursing several Months ago Linky Links radio was launched my message to the world as seen below  stated that it will be a  show not to miss. Each and every Thursday, the team has stepped up their game. The topics keep growing from interviews with community leaders like Steve Kerr, to Music interviews with various artist like Exco Levi, Omi, Don Dem, Fluxx Team, Paul Ade of the Black Canadian Awards, Diabetes, Cancer, Dance hall, Child relief, too  hosting events including Juggling for the Cure, which was a dedication to his Queen who he lost to Cancer,  All  topics are on the table for discussion  discussed Just do yourself a favor and tune in Each and every Thursday at 10pm the list of content will only continue to  grow.  Don't forget to call in and request your topics we got it covered. It has been a  pleasure being a part of TeamStreet Talk.  Bless up Sandra Sylburne, Kenny's Auto Queen Beauty Supply Who is Linky Links the  community


Hi Its your girl JA Nursing here. Several months ago  the media was in a frenzy about a virus that had taken over our  Mother Land. Ebola the fight for awareness still continues and will not stop. Why the Concert? Help Fight Ebola Canada (Awareness Campaign) are bringing attention to West Africa through Education; Motivation; and Engagement. Motivated by the death of Dr Sheik Humarr Khan who saved more than 100 lives before losing his own to Ebola, the campaign is building partnerships and supporting programs that are rebuilding the country. It will take all of our help - and we should help. Now is no time to forget and become complacent.   Please join in Sunday, June 28 at  Toronto Ribfest , Centennial Park, Toronto   A call for Global Awareness against EBOLA in West Africa A call for Global Awareness a gainst EBOLA in West Africa Did I mention that this is a Free concert ticket(s) . ( Note: Toronto Ribfest entry is a requested $2 donation.) Be part

Do You have A Emergency Plan for Your Child?

DO YOU HAVE A ER ACTION PLAN FOR YOUR CHILD? Hey it's your Girl JA Nursing here,  with  Winter   under way It's that time again, our kids  are getting sick with  ear infections tonsil,  adenoids,asthma  and allergies . If you are not sure  here is  some  information On Symptoms of  Enlarged Adenoids, Asthma, and allergies.  Adenoids trap germs that enter the body, adenoid tissue can temporarily swell as it tries to fight off an infection.  These symptoms are often associated with enlarged adenoids:  *difficulty breathing through the nose *breathing through the mouth talking as if the nostrils are pinched *noisy breathing *snoring *stopped breathing for a few seconds during sleep (sleep apnea) *frequent "sinus" symptoms Most frustration  felt with Parents  is ongoing ear and middle ear infections or middle ear fluid in school-aged children.  If your child has symptoms go to your family doctor and ask to be referred to a ENT Specialist als


Durham uncovered Hi world it's your girl JA Nursing, What a excitement yesterday June 8 2015 .  After meeting Mary Galvan at 1rst  Friday's , she invited me to The Media Launch Of Durham Caribbean festival. I thought to my self that Durham seems a mile a away. LOL  But truthfully the goal of JA Nursing is to build relationships with the community and bring awareness to events that increase social literacy. With such a diverse city I feel that all its community members should make a effort to share in the fun  especially since the common  factor here is the Caribbean culture and what it represents. Community love means taking the effort to participate when possible,  which is the true recipe for community love and community building. After meeting Mary two days in row. I can certainly understand how her perseverance has  made her a noteworthy Member of Durham and surrounding communities. Congratulations on her Diversity Award from  The  Black Canadian Awards  which w


Originally published March 17, 2015  Good morning world Hi, its your girl JA Nursing here  Today's St Patricks Day or  as  some would say St Patty's Day. As Parents, it is always important to learn so you  can teach.    I was asked some time ago from my kids  why they had to celebrate  ST Patrick's day?  As a Canadian,  I must admit I didn't know why we celebrated it  either.  With the  last name Smith  (The surname Smith is particularly prevalent among those of English and Irish descent) ,  I was also curious.   AM I IRISH? They have always said that the Irish and Jamaican mesh =Get along  so let's,  find out whats the  real deal about St Patricks Day. Did you know that  Sir Alexander Bustamante, National Hero and first Prime Minister of Jamaica, used to boast that he was 50 per cent Irish, 50 per cent Jamaican and  10 per cent Arawak. Well known for his humorous nature, charm and charisma, 'Busta' as he is affectionately known, When you