JA Nursing Speaks LIVE On That Channel. COM July 17 2015

Hey it's your girl JA Nursing Here, Last week I had a amazing interview with ThatChannel Live Internet TV!  www.thatchannel.com  My mandate is to continue  to increase the literacy within my community and globally via different media platforms. I felt like saying " hi Mom look I'm on TV. 
Big Smiles.

Thank you Hugh Reilly and Hildegard Gmeiner for having me on the show. Find out more about JA Nursing in Toronto Streets

TO  See my interview only skip to
1:15:15 GUEST 3 - Michelle Smith on Practical Nursing Services and Health Care Shield http://janursingservices.com

Don't forget Health care shield is for us all.  Healthcare Shield is Now Available,  imagine  your very own Advocate  and Health Care Coach  that is dedicated to your Total  Health and  Social Wellness.

ARE you Wondering who to call about your health questions?  Are you Scared to talk to your doctor because you know he will not take the  time to explain to you the answers? Do  you have a family member or a Parent the requires services? Do you know someone in Hospital that requires  assistance?  We take a culturally sensitive approach to changing your health care options.

 Healthcare Shield  caters to your NEEDS Just Ask The Expert!
We refer you to all aspects of the  healthcare system
because "We Care" and  we can advocate on your behalf.

We  give  the voiceless  a voice  so that you can manage your care better.

This is not just another Membership this is a True forward movement for Health reform
 Thank you for your continued support stay connected my blog has reached over 51,000 reader . www.janursing.com   I am your Health and Social Advocate  share knowledge

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