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Hey it's your Girl JA Nursing here, I am super excited to share  this event with you. I remember being a young Mother and getting the eviction notice on my door on several occasions.  Two young child and a fixed income from welfare homelessness became my fear month to month.   I believe that every youth deserves that chance,  I believe that every youth has a special purpose and for that reason I admire the efforts of Heros in Black founder Matte Black.     W e Are The Heroes We've Been Waiting For ~   these are some strong words and I am proud to be apart of this journey Inspire While we rebuild these youth, we also enroll them in class’ called “Hero Training” that empowers and teaches them how to be there own boss in a verity of freelance work such as photography, dance, music, etc In 2014, Heroes In Black alongside Hero Certified Burgers launched an initiative called “Hunger Heroes” to feed and clothe people in need which has only gotten bigger and bi

You Are Invited to 1st Fridays 'Health & Fitness' Edition Friday January 8th, 2016

  Lets welcome in  the New Year with my favorite phrase,  in order to increase your NET WORTH you need to increase your  NETWORK.   Welcome 2016  with the First,  First Friday of the year. First Fridays is a community activity club whose purpose is to organize a monthly activity(s) and/or event(s) that are focused on building and improving upon awareness, networking and information sharing for youth, adults, minority and mainstream communities in education, employment, self-employment, health and wellness, the arts and other areas of interest. First Fridays in Toronto was founded in 1994. It is one of over 30 First Fridays that occur on the first Friday of every month throughout North America in cities like Montreal, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and New York, to name a few.   I will be speaking at First Friday's Health and Fitness Edition  On January 08 2016.  My goal is  to increase the Health literacy of all indivi

Find Out Why You Should Attend the THE TORONTO WOMENS EXPO JAN 19 2016

  2016 is a time to shine,  I  am so excited to share with you  an Amazing event.  Social Advocacy keeps you, up to date with whats going on around town.  Why wouldn't I,  want to share with you,  the opportunity to meet hundreds of  new people, vendors, suppliers, new clients, Authors, international Speakers and join venture partners?  On January 19  2016,  The Toronto's Women's Expo presents   a Life Changing Event geared to Empower  Women to succeed. And yes men are welcome too.... The event will take place at Paradise Banquet Hall, Tues. Jan. 19, 2015 from 9am - 7pm for vendors and 9am - 5pm for coaches corner experts. The conference part of the event will run until midnight!   As a 3rd year  attendee, I know that valuable relationships, connections, referrals and new business are created when you attend the TWExpo. Let me not forget to mention that, purchasing lunch includes a Yummy Wrap with sides, free parking, an All Day Access Pass worth $297

5 Questions To Ask in 2016 When Hiring a Health Care Coach

Hi It's your Health Care  Advocate Michelle Smith here,  With the launch of my Health  Care Shield Membership, I just wanted to make sure  that you understand the journey that you will be embarking on. I will  explore what most health-care providers and fitness coaches will  overlook (like self-love, environmental influences, social determinants, and  medical factual knowledge.  It's up to you to decide if you're comfortable with the level of training and experience of the coach you intend to hire. This is  guide is for you. As your A dv ocate my Goal is to make sure that you are knowledgeable   regar ding m aking all the right choices. Add theses 5 questions to your list and you'll  get   t he best!  If you have a specific illness or medical concern, ask their experience working with individuals like you. Are they licensed to treat people with medical issues? Are they aware of specific needs you may have or certain limitations? In some cases, it may b