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Back to School Health fair hits "RexDale"

I'm back JA Nursing in Toronto  Streets August 22 2014   Growing up in Rexdale other wise known as Etobicoke has been quite the journey, stemming   from being a graduate of one of it's well known high schools West Humber Collegiate located on Martingrove Rd.  One of the many journeys that I faced was being pregnant at the of age 17 that was 1994. Seems like many moons ago.  No groups, no community centers and not many resources for the place we called home "Rexdale".  Let's flash forward to August 22 2014 I was able to give back to my community by attending a much needed and appreciated Back to School Health Fair. It was brought to us by what I would consider a gem of a organization for our community and it's diverse residences.  As the founder of Ja Nursing my organizations strives to partner with other organizations to give the community at large an overall advantage of having advocacy at it's best. Partnering that day with The SickleCell Association of

Healthcare job search

Are you in the Healthcare Industry and having difficulties finding your perfect job. Let our services at JA Smith Consulting and Nursing Services help you. We help new and current healthcare professionals get the job that they deserve.  Services include but not limited to  Resume writing for  healthcare jobs help in matching your résumé with the requirements of a specific job Interview assistance and review Job search Tutoring for healthcare students  In PSW, RPN, and RN programs  Job refresher and readiness  programs  like a resource center our team offers  you the opportunity to change your job search results. My objective is to help  you be the successful candidate.  The key to job search is to understand the employer's expectations.  When you understand what the employer needs you can make sure that your application addresses them. Let's have your resume stand out  separately from all the other résumés in the pile. You can show the employer that you

IfTheyGunnedMeDown Justice for Mike

Hi I'm back, well as I arrived back on Monday from sunny Jamaica some news became apparent Mike Brown and young youth gunned down by police. This injustice, has sparked two days of protests, rallies, riots, and looting, including the burning of a QuikTrip convenience store. Tensions remain high in Ferguson. This story certainly bothered me, I did not get a chance to post anything or truly reflect on this tragedy, the question is so unfortunate but it's nothing new for the states not to mention a trend developing in Toronto.  Our police are out of control right across the country.  Remember  18 year old Sammy Yatim, who  was the sole passenger on a Toronto bus. He apparently was holding a Swiss Army knife that he did not drop after repeated demands but what followed was yet another unjustified murder by our police. The cops shot him 9 times, then if you can believe it they boarded the bus and tasered the now dead young man. I keep thinking about all the youths that I have starte

Jamaica No Problem

Standard Fry BreadFruit Banana Boil Plantain of course Ackee with Red Herring 👀 So the challenge this week will be to shrink your portion sizes, With being on vacation I realized some choices that I had to make in order to not burst my jean waist when I come back. Valuable point to remember that vacation clothes sometimes have no limits meaning you kick off the jeans and jump in to summer dress bathing suits and cover ups. But this year I did it different. Through my cities travels I had to ask do you have salad? As well tell them to give less rice and peas  or grounds food, also know as  yam banana, dumpling all boil plantain. I made sure to walk out the beach and swim. Yes of course JB and boom was on the menu  so I equally made sure to drink my water.    So the moral of the story is as the summer wines down and we will be back into comfort food mode and thick clothing  Shrink your portions  Eating smaller portions is a simple way to watch your waistline. Most people still feel thei