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To Vote Or Not To Vote ?

I Hi it's your Girl JA Nursing October 27 History in the making again!  They say that In order to build your NetWorth you have to build your Network. As a new comer to First Fridays Warren Salmon​​  holds an amazing event that truly brings together individuals of same interest. This months (October) First Friday gave a platform for our up coming potential leaders to give their voice and highlight how our city will be impacted if we vote for them. As an Social Advocate you should know that the goal is to change outcomes for our community. I am a parent, resident, tax payer, well wisher, urban lover, and lastly  I am a concerned Canadian Citizen which gives me the right to #vote October 27 #Aim2vote .  With so many platforms being discussed I applaud all that have made a commitment to changing outcomes with in our community.  To all the candidates  Good Luck     FYI  There are 24 Councillors plus the Chair appointed to Peel Region's Council: Regional Chair: Emil Kolb  Caledon, 5

It's Cleaning Time "Your Body Matters

Hi it's your Girl Ja Nursing it's Saturday let's start Cleaning  Cleansing isn’t about depriving your body of food or nutrients — instead, it is a chance to retrain your palate to acquire a taste for whole foods in their natural state.  I strongly believe that eating wholesome, cleansing foods in order to bring your body to an alkaline state which  will balance your body in a way that will be beneficial for your entire life.  Cleansing also helps you introduce healthy, organic, and fresh foods to your diet, giving your digestive system a break while purifying your blood.  Cleansing is about eating fresh whole foods as the basis of all your meals: eating more salads, drinking more smoothies, and drinking lots of fresh water throughout the day. You can do a one or two day juice fast, if you feel up to it, but it is not necessary.  At the very least, start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice to get the process going — this is the e

GTV Announced history October 21 2014

Your Social Buzz October 21 2014  So I tuned in today for my daily Music Therapy just to hear such great news.  G98.7fm has been a place that holds great regards in my heart. Mr Gordon has made so many opportunities possible for so many people. Including myself.  Imagine, now a TV Station that will represent  and give people a voice internationally.  What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations to Mr Fitroy Gordon.  Founder of G98.7fm After the annoucement this song played and  It really hit home that determination is the precursor to Success   "You Can Get It If You Really Want" (originally by Desmond Dekker) You can get it if you really want You can get it if you really want You can get it if you really want But you must try, try and try, try and try  You'll succeed at last Persecution you must fear Win or los

I'm Going To College?

Knowing The Rules Of School Part 2 All  children and youths have the best opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential. Let's go back to 1994, the year I was going into George Brown College for the Pre Health program the cource that would give me entry into the RN Diploma program at George Brown College; King Street campus, and give me hope of a better future. How did I know that at 17 years old what I wanted to do? Well I didn't back then my family had many health care workers, so it only made since that I would follow the trend. Going into College was quite a challenge especially starting with a 5 month old baby. Was there College fairs back then? Good question,  I really don't remember but it didn't matter because it was set I was going to be a Nurse. 14 years latter I've seen many careers evolve, so many options, so many titles but the question is how do we prepare this generation of students for the next journey of life.  I think that the cost

Young Jamaicans Give Back

CANADA THANKSGIVING ALERT! GIVE A HELPING HAND TO THOSE LESS FORTUNATE! Join us with the “FILL THE BARREL DRIVE”  KICK OFF STARTS Canada THANKSGIVING WEEKEND to NOVEMBER 8. Taz of Queens Beauty Supply and Sandra Sylburne of Superior Business Services, Inc have teamed up with the following members of our local Toronto Community: Linky Links in da Streets, Just Supreme Beauty Supply, Dre Barrett Photography, 2 Lined Music Hut, Fresh Cut Juices, Michelle Smith  aka JA Nursing, and Mookey Media to assist in this act of charity. .  These young Jamaicans go in the streets and feed the poor, please visit their Facebook page JORDON BENNETT- FEEDING OF THE 5000 for more details. We contacted the Feeding of the 5000 group and the rest is history! WE ARE ASKING OUR CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS/FRIENDS to assist by bringing a NON PERISHABLE FOOD ITEM, but we are also asking for clothes, or anything to help a person less fortunate than yourself. EVEN A TOONEY donation can go a l

Toronto City under Fire

Toronto City under Fire After attending a community event that involved looking for solutions to help stop the  spread of Ebola on October 6 2014 ironically held at the very same school that a young boy goes to who lost his life to gun violence.  Last night the air at James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School, was one of a positive nature, ab gathering of community individuals who same share the same interest in looking for  solutions. Well that was the cause last night.   Now today, October 7 2014 Students will have learned that their school has lost one. How does a school of youths face the day with such  a heavy spirit and a saddened heart ? Toronto Catholic District School Board trustee Maria Rizzo has identified the 15-year-old victim as a student at James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School. Keele and finch  His name has not been released. What happened to looking forward to  lunch time, it used to be the ideal time to have fun with your friends,eat pla