Do you Suffer from Decision Fatigue? This could Be YOU !

Hi it's your girl Ja Nursing HERE,  This post is a guilty post, what's that you ask? well I bought a new jacket today, when I should have been buying winter tires.   To imagine JA Nursing in Toronto Streets with out safe tires. Not Cool. Safety is a part of Nursing; Shame on Me. 

  I'm always late with winterizing my car. The day started with the strong desire to get my tires today  BUT   I ended up all over the place. First 2 stops Martin grove and Rexdale. I went to  2 tire shops and  didn't like the wait time so I left and  I ended up at  Sears buying a Winter Jacket (Another one). Let it be known I saved $184.00 which still counts as being on the simplistic list. {right}  I guess my mind was being practical in thinking if my car breaks down this winter I'll be warm. 

Mission failed

I reached home tire less  with a new coat! To say the least.   I started to do my regular evening social media browsing through Facebook  which brought me to and a article;  That stated "Successful people wear the same thing everyday." {Excuse me}
I Had to click on it.  

It stated that some of the most successful people  in the world like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg,  Albert Einstein And Obama are 

I've been on a mission lately  to pack and donate most of theses items,  but I've gotten so caught up in the decisions of what to keep and what to give away that the task  has not been  completed .

Hallelujah thankfully  The Lord heard my cry And sent this article through my Facebook feed.  Find it at the end of this blog.

I have been wondering why it has been so hard to get going with packing up theses clothes.  Like,  as if figuring out  parenting, how I'm going to take care of  my patients at work, look after my community responsibilities, blogging, cooking, socializing etc etc etc wasn't enough. Well, the answer  is called Decision fatigue, it's noted that Decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual, after a long session of decision making.

Packing away  theses clothes has been last on my list of priorities. (To be honest).  It seems like it's all related to the concept of decision fatigue. This is a real psychological condition in which a person’s productivity suffers as a result of becoming mentally exhausted from making so many irrelevant decisions.

Going back to the article below it stated that our world leaders keep many thinks simple such as their wardrobe, In order to help leave room for important successful decisions. 
The article  also  states,  that  Decision fatigue can result  in not only making fast and careless decisions but  can also contribute to decision avoidance, where no decision is made at all.  (NoTires)

Imagine  if  Mark Zuckerberg didn't make the important decision to create Facebook, or If Steve jobs didn't create Apple  or if Obama couldn't make his world changing   decisions. I don't even want to think about it. 

Well,  I'd have to say that  I'm feeling a lot more clearer;   I'm not ready to conform to a personal wardrobe that only includes a uniform like presence, actually that altitude white lie. You see me around the city in my JA Nursing shirts (Uniform) but what  I can do is  start by packibg up theses extra clothes that are in my sight and donate them NOW. 

 I'm on my way to  clearing my brains.   It time for me to kick decision fatigue to the curb  so I can  continue creating JA Nursing Dreams and Goals leaving behind sense less tasks and thoughts. 

Lesson learned

The goal is success, but Inorder to achieve it you have to be focused and Simplistic  with decisions that shouldn't take up too much room In your head. I need to stop wasting time with the basic things so I can make room for the big things. You know the saying "Think Big".

This has been your Social/Health Buzz
With Michelle Smith talk to you soon !

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Article by @jchaltiwanger @EliteDaily 

Here's alittle help if you need to reorganize your closet  this winter click below. 

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