America lost another Great one in History Marion Barry RIP

Let him Rest In Peace 

Hi Good Morning/afternoon  happy Sunday all !
It's your girl JA Nursing This is your Social buzz today. I woke up to the sad news that Marion Barry has died at  the age of 78. Who? You might ask? Was not the question that I had. But what does this mean for me? I'm Canadian right, but nope I'm a Mother an advocate and a curious individual that gets tired of not being able to hear or see   The   well known  biblical quote  which says  
Give  unto  Cesar what is due  to him . 
So I took to my twitter handle  @janursing  to write my condolence . Then I saw 

@CP24: Former DC mayor Marion Barry, who staged comeback after 1990 crack cocaine arrest, dead at 78. Hmmm !

My first impression was why did Cp24 have to add that in the title?    I understand breaking news is the goal of media but I found it rather hard in the same line when talking about a persons passing; Especially because of the many changes that he helped to implement.

I continued to do more research and of course   let it be known that yes in 1990 Marion Barry found himself in less than favorable circumstances which  involved Crack, a hotel and a women.

However, as I went on to read about Marion Barry I noticed that there has been parallels made between  Him and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford which if memory serves me correctly has had less than favorable working standards for the Mayor of Toronto dating not to far back to 2013,2014.   
 In may 2013 reporters asked Mr Barry about parallels with him and Rob Ford. 

Toronto has been seen across the world as the city that has a Crack Mayor who loves dancing to reggae and shouting out worlds like  Bumboclaat


One of the most popular swear words in Jamaica. Though this word doesn't have an actual meaning or english translation, it is mostly used as an exclamation of shock, surprise, anger, frustration or for any other intense emotions.

As sited in a You Tube video that captured Rob Ford  at  a restaurant. In Rexdale aka ward 2


Barry died Sunday at 78. His family said in a statement that Barry died shortly after midnight at the United Medical Center, after having been released from Howard University Hospital on Saturday. No cause of death was given, but his spokeswoman LaToya Foster said he collapsed outside his home.

Marion Barry also suffered from hypertension and diabetes which for me is two chronic illness killers of the black community. This is what should be talked about,  ways in which his health could have been protected. 

We already know that Barry had  a six-month term in federal prison which was not the end of his political career. To many  the talks about his 1990 hotel room saga is not the memory of this man. To many district residents, particularly lower-income blacks, he was still a hero, someone unfairly persecuted for personal failures.

Barry returned to the D.C. Council in 1992, representing the poorest of the city’s eight wards. Two years later, he won his fourth and final term as mayor. The electorate was starkly divided along racial lines, and Barry advised those who had not supported his candidacy to “get over it.”

“Marion Barry changed America with his unmitigated gall to stand up in the ashes of where he had fallen and come back to win,” poet Maya Angelou said in 1999.  Let's not get it twisted he done for many that no other could do.

With great concern as an advocate I will continue to feel that no person is with out faults, as I stand here with an attempt to highlight and recognize Barry's great acknowledgements, in a time when history is the only thing we have to fight for I would rather tell my Son age 15 that a man died today  who was once the mayor, of DC and he did great things.

Despite his history of political and legal controversies, Barry was a popular and influential figure in the local political scene of Washington, D.C. Thealternative weekly Washington City Paper nicknamed him "Mayor for life," a designation that remained long after Barry left the mayoralty.[4] TheWashington Post has stated that "to understand the District of Columbia, one must understand Marion Barry

Being from Toronto born in the 70's yes I said 70's  my worldly knowledge of black historians  has been quite slim, but I believe that knowledge is power.  I will continue to use social media as a platform to be a Social And Health advocate. My 9:16 am search lead to these  different comments on twitter under the hashtag  #RipmarionBarry. 

@Read2RapMusic: “@JaNursing: @BigTiggerShow I've been saying the same thing from morning @Read2RapMusic” always bringing up Old Bleep

@Fox5DCAllison: He gave me my first paying job in the business with his summer youth program. #RIPMarionBarry #MayorForLife

@BigTiggerShow: #RIPMarionBarry.. Really disappointed to see this as the #headline for the passing of our… 

@Kyrondo: @num1_fan @JaNursing @90zBy @CP24 They hated Barry  when he was expanding black middle class & making millionaires long b4 addiction.

@Fox5DCAllison: He gave me my first paying job in the business with his summer youth program. #RIPMarionBarry #MayorForLife

@DCDGS: To a man who dedicated his life 2 #elevateDC quality of life 4 all residents & visitors.. "Thank You" #RIPMarionBarry 

@num1_fan: @JaNursing @90zBy Of all the actors and politicians with drug addiction, wonder how many of them got the "cocaine" headline from @CP24. Smh

@__KMicheIle: I will cherish the memories of the wisdom he passed on to me when I interviewed him #RIPMarionBarry @fox5newsdc 

@HuggyLowdownDC: #RIPMarionBarry I'm giving thanks to the Man that gave me and a whole lot of people in DC their first JOB! #SYEP

@num1_fan @90zBy @CP24 our #Toronto  mayor has gone on with worst not in 1990 but in 2014 #RIPMarionBarry 

So for today let's continue to remember a man who crossed boundaries that others have not crossed.

Let's continue to show and teach our youths that blacks have paved the way for many.

RIP Marion Barry

Lesson learned this has been your Social Buzz with Michelle Smith your Health and Social advocate the Voice of Toronto.

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The goal here is to change the face of knowledge and grow the community 

This is the twitter message that evoked my feelings today  @CP24: Former DC mayor Marion Barry, who staged comeback after 1990 crack cocaine arrest, dead at 78


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