JuiceCup Africa vs WestIndies in the Six

Laughter Therapy in the SIx

Hi It's your Girl JA Nursing, so I'm 
Super  excited about  Juice Cup.

With a couples days until  Juice Cup I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on this match, I've been to them all, and  last year Team WestIndies Won brap brap as we would say in Jamaker as Trixx would say. One  man that I  find funny who is added to teamAfrica is the one   APHRICAN APE.   

Working in my field I have seen many cultural  believes towards health.
In light of health issues, the very funny   APHRICAN APE  pokes fun of a typical African Mothers Reaction over a simple health problem,  like most Mothers you  would expect the suggestion of Tea and a Nap to be the solution but not according to Aphrican Ape 
Watch  and see 

  Did you laugh well I'm still laughing 

As your Social Advocate I  just wanted you to know that  I have always found laughter to be the healing of all nations.

 If you missed last years Show catch up now #TeamWestindies took it last year haha 

#JuiceComedyToronto JUICE CUP Africa vs West Indies! Get your last min tickets 

Right here click the link 

Heres another chance to catch last years line up 
Who do YOU think will win? teamAfrica or teamWest Indies? 

So it's a date don't be late when 
Ritz Caribbean Foods presents 
THE JUICE CUP: Africa vs. West Indies
"The Social Network Tour" 

2 Nights of good comedy

Friday Nov 14th, 2014 & Sunday Nov 16th, 2014 

MICHAEL BLACKSON (African King of Comedy)
TRIXX (Team Africa's MVP 2012/2013)
APHRICAN APE aka Dami Olatunde (from Miami, FL)

Inorder to be healthy you have to exercise self defense is always a great way to keep fit 
Watch funny man Trixx teach the ultimate exercise class 

Coach: MC BONDE of G98.7 fm

#Team West Indies
MAJAH HYPE (Instagram Video Sensation) 
JAY MARTIN (Toronto's King Of Comedy)
WHITE YARDIE aka Prince Harry (from London, UK)

One thing I know for sure is that music therapy always works when the music hits you feel no pain  and funny man Jay Martin agrees 
Brought to you by Potential FilmS 

You still curious  the 
Coach: DR JAY of CHRY 88.1fm

Mark Strong & Jemeni

Kenny Robinson, Femi Lawson, MC Ebone, Fire Kid Steenie
& more surprise guests, appearances & judges

Don't forget the address 

190 Princes’ Blvd, (CNE Grounds) Toronto
This is The 2014 Juice Cup: “World Cup of Comedy”
Africa VS West Indies • The Social Network Tour

Friday Nov 14th | Doors: 8 PM • Show: 9 PM
Sunday Nov 16th | Doors: 7 PM • Show: 8 PM

This has been your Health and Social advocate Buzz remember the show is sold out every Year!  See you Friday 

This will be your dose of laughter therapy 

BUY VIA PHONE: 1.877.700.3130 
BUY VIA EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER: missgo2girl@juicecomedytoronto.com

INFOLINE: 647.985.8423
Instagram: JuiceComedyTO
Twitter: @JuiceComedyTO
Facebook: Facebook.com/JuiceComedy

Stay connected I'm your Health and Social Advocate  Michelle Smith aka JA Nursing keep laughing www.janursing.com

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