Found A New Office Assistant Meet Lady P

Hi it's your girl  JA Nursing 

With a long week ahead a lot of thoughts, I was doing my routine search on Facebook and came across Passion Planner Via Kick Starter

Through my quest for organization I have  found another young lady in search of the same mission.

Passion Planner is the revolutionary paper planner that helps you live passionately and start focusing on what REALLY matters.   Created by   Angelia Trinidad. 

I went on a search  for more info, I saw a comment by someone named 

Michelle  she wrote about 16 hours ago

I'm not a big fan of paper, but then I remembered I could print the pdf to OneNote and use it as if I was writing on it with my tablet computer! Your design is amazing. I wish you all the best in your pursuits. :)
I agree 😀 this started looking good to me. 

As Angela asked here's my take. On  the Passion Planner!

Let's get focused. As discussed in the  video, I would agree that keeping yourself organized is the start to any great day. The desire to fit all your thoughts and turn them in to action is desired by many. Well,  I think  JA Nursing  has found a new planner that will turn into her  new office assistant.  let's call her Lady P for short (Or Miss Lady Passion)  my Official Office assistant;  hope she Has a sense of humor and  can help organize these thoughts !  Welcome Lady P to the camp 

Great idea Angela Trinidad 


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