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Michelle Smith founder of Community Division "JA Nursing" born in Toronto, is a Mother of 2, A proactive nurse that strives on increasing the health and social literacy of individuals, by taking on the role of being a HealthCare and Social advocate within Toronto Communities. 

My programs work with both communities and individuals. 

My 14 years of Nursing experience has led to an awareness and compiled knowledge towards health and social issues . My passion for results stems from knowing that advocacy is the heart and soul of nursing with that being said my Mission is to Create Change within individuals, communities, and Globally.

I educate and coach men and women and youths with their chronic health and social challenges and empower them to take the steps to remaining or regaining Wellness. I offer encouragement, support, and motivation. I belief that the more personalized the information and support is , the more successful YOU will be in achieving your overall goals.

Health advocacy  should be part of every public clinic, medical office, community organization, hospital and wellness centre and should be reimbursed by insurance companies and corporate wellness programs.

Which will be the Goal of JA Smith Consulting and Nursing Services working forward.

My MISSION is to empower each individual I work with to their greatest Health, Social and Wellness potential.

My VISION is to change the way people understand my changing the face of knowledge by educating YOU into knowing that Knowledge IS Power 

My VALUES are to offer Hope to every one I meet through a navigation process that has been cultivated through 14 years of Nursing experience in Toronto My clients and groups will feel Encouraged to walk Dignity and feel Empowered and Supported.

My Coaching Plan:
in-depth health and social questionnaires to determine your specific needs

a personalized plan-of-action to address your needs

coaching sessions to progress you towards your health and Social goals. 

Coaching sessions can happen via SKYPE or telephone.
unlimited email contact between your coaching sessions

hand-selected educational materials are provided based on your specific needs

daily or weekly health, social tips and motivational messages

The initial consultation, usually done over the phone or SKYPE, allows us to chat about your health and social concerns. 

You will have the opportunity to discuss your symptoms, get any of your questions answered and find out how I may be able to help you.

There is no commitment to go ahead and book an appointment. 

Some people receive clarity after the consultation even if they decide not to go ahead
Please fill in the form on the CONTACT page at and we will arrange a time that we can speak.

JA NURSING In T.O. Streets

Welcome, Im the voice of Toronto your Health And Social Advocate, I am here to change the face of KNOWLEDGE. The Goal is to increase Health and Social Literacy, By Keeping YOU in the loop with a urban twist, Follow my journey hear my stories of Nursing in Toronto the city that has the healthcare sys…
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