Keep your hands to YourSelf

Good night, A mom calls me today very upset that her 6 year old daughter was touched on her bottom by a 6 year old boy at her school. 

Daughter age 6 complained right away to the TDSB teacher and principle but they did not not tell mom until today. Mom calls me to ask how should she handle this very upsetting situation. With the rage in her voice I tried to calm her down, which did not work. Moms upset that the school did not speak to her about it assuming that her daughter who is only 6 years old should have told her. Problem with that is it's the Adults responsibility to seek protection and guidance in such a situation.

When the mom addressed the length of time between incident and and the follow up, the Principle told mom that Boy has issues at home, father is no longer in the home. The Mom has clearly expressed her concerns with Not caring about that other child's home issues, because her child has been violated. Mom has expressed that tomorow she wants the child removed from the same class as her Daughter. Is this a realistic request?

Mom also is attributing the common  hitting issues in her daughters school to the demographics of the parents and children. As she explains she's tired of the parents not talking to their children about keeping their hands to themselves. 

So many concerns come in to play with this situation. All of which we have disussed in the past as contributing factors to children bullying by physical touching. Intervention is needed for that school, parents involved, teacher and Principle. I wanted to share this story with #HurtnoMore.

Some of the issues of bullying have to come to light stating that bullied are sometimes bullied at home. This can be a fact however who's responsibility is it to change the home situations of a child?

Some have said, the teachers should be taught to identify incidents of bullying and seek intervention immediately. 

What is an apporiate intervention?
Most recently the concepts of Empathy has taken force as a way to help teach children how their actions can leave others feeling by putting them in the position to feel emotions of others and learn the fully respectable practice of empathy. 

This is the story of the day continuation of this situation to follow as I work with mom to help change her anger into a working mentality that serves as a better way to help create change.


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