Art House Celebrates The Beauty of Life Refix

I call this the Refix  to the info below? I want you to see all that you missed, So call me a women  that appreciates life. 


Hi it's your  Girl JA Nursing just wanted to inform you about another great event  by  Life Records Entertainment. 

Toronto be prepared  to have your Senses stimulated. I would  say it's a definite night of Visual and mentally stimulated Therapy. 

Research, has noted that our moods are affected the most by what we take in through our senses. What we smell, hear, see, feel, and taste are processed neurobiologically, and emotionally 

Well this  Saturday November 15 2015

Life Records Entertainment Group returns with a second installment of their new art driven event series, Art House. The niche style concept series plays on the 5 senses: sound, sight, touch, smell and taste . 

The Art House experiences brings  all 5 senses together in a creatively entertaining way. 

Created to bring art lovers and entertainment seekers together, the event aims to leave each attendee with a thought provoking memory of what they just experienced.

ART House will showcase art and artists in all forms that enhance our happiness and lives.

 Come be entertained and support local Toronto talent while you dance, watch fire breathers, eat delicious hors d’oeuvres and enjoy the ambiance around you full of Art!

Now what a way to spend your Saturday appealing to your visual therapy with  exciting interaction. 


ART HOUSE II - Saturday November 15th, 2014
Parlour Lounge 270 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON

Admission: $20.00

Art Show 9pm-11pm | Art Social 11pm-3am

Audio ART:
DJ Fire & DJ Chucky of Team Bravo
DJ Pembe
AfroLatin Band 
+ more!

Visual ART:
Photography by Sean Caesar
Fire Breathing and Manipulation by TBA

Edible ART:
Hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef Collis Batson

Attendees will receive complimentary champagne and other fantastic giveaways!

There will be an auction of the beautiful piece that was painted on location by artist Andre Guy (See below) at the last ART HOUSE event September 27th, with the proceeds going to the Sick Kids Foundation.

This has been your Social Advocate buzz created to keep you informed.

See you Saturday! 



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