Who SHOULD talk about the BIRDS And The BEE's WITH YOUR CHILD?

Hi Its Your Girl JA Nursing Big week !!!!

I had to weight in on this topic.  I know many lesbian couples and gay couples  and at this point in my life especially as a health care provider It doesn't matter to me. Be Happy. That's what matters.

 On February 23rd Kathleen Wynne's Liberal government finally posted the supposedly "new" sex-ed curriculum online, after keeping it secret for months.  The sudden change in plans by the Wynne government, which had previously said the curriculum would not be made available online for several more weeks, saw it unveiled the day before a planned protest at Queen's Park. A primary motivation of Kathleen Wynne's with this timing was surely to get ahead of the story that a parental protest was likely to generate.
The question  will always be  how much do we need our children need to know?  or  and who do you think is responsible to start the conversation regarding any topic or subject?  This blog is a urban platform to address topics of the city.

This is your  Social Health Buzz with Michelle Smith
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Until this curriculum Roles out, I will continue to find ways to help the community cope with this topic and help teach you ways to better communicate about the topic. Remember its every ones responsibly to Parent their own children, An example of this is  when they legalize marijuana the topic won't be why they did it but the issue will  be too  continue the conversation  with our  children about the pros and cons of Drug Use. Hope you get the picture Here.

The last update to Ontario's sex education curriculum was in 1998.
That's almost 20 years ago. Middle-school children didn't have smart
phones and social media back then. Snap chat, sexting and Tinder were
not part of the landscape. And puberty is starting earlier than ever now
-- at age 7 and 8 for some girls.

It's definitely time to update the curriculum. But what should be
included? What's appropriate? The curriculum development included input
from consultants, educators, parents and students. Some of the highlights are: As per a article by the The Star  it states that Ontario will be up to date like the rest of the Provinces.

1. Grade 3 students will learn about same sex couples and homosexuality;

2. Grade 6 classes will learn about puberty, masturbation and gender identity;

3. Grade 7 students will be taught sexually transmitted diseases (including oral and anal sex).

Our schools are expected to reflect our culture. Gay marriages are
legal. If a student has their two moms or two dads dropping them off at
school and attending the class concert, why not make sure the language
in the textbooks and curriculum reflect the experience of children in an
accurate way?

Bullying rates are higher for the LGBTQ students, and recommendations
from all anti-bullying programs is to have LGBTQ committees and clubs to
help educate others who have prejudice. We know prejudice is taught,
so, why not conquer ignorance proactively by discussing gender identity
in the early grades? If a school will take disciplinary actions against a
student for making personal attacks about a fellow student's sexual
identity, have the curriculum reflect understanding and acceptance of
difference, too.

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On the search for what kids think watch this video 

 Kids React to Gay Marriage

As You can see the ages of the children reflect the ages of the children who will be introduced to this  New Sex Ed curriculum
This has been your Social Health Buzz with Michelle Smith
The voice of Toronto On what Matters
To contact for more information or Workshop booking surrounding diversity workshops for youths
contact janursingservices@gmail.com

The question here is who will be most offended by this new curriculum?  what can be done to stop it accept it, or make the best choices regarding it what the next steps
This episode featured the following amazing children.
Lucas, age 5
Maxim, age 7
Samirah, age 7
Dash, age 9
Krischelle, age 9
Jayka, age10
Elle, age 11
Lydon, age 11
Derek, age 12
Dylan, age 12
Megan & Shannon, age 13
Troy, age 13
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