JA Smith Consulting And Nursing Services has  been working on a product that will help us all to get the right answers to Health Care. Through my  14+ working experience and finding myself in a position that I lost my sister in our health care system, I realized that the issue is not accessibility to care, the issue is knowledge to navigate to the right resources when a health issue or  wellness management concerns arise. We are ALL guilty of looking up concerns via  Dr. internet. But how good does that make you feel? or how comfortable do you feel  that you are being given the right response to your concern?

The question is why do we need such a service , and I say WE because I know that as a Healthcare professional  with 14+ experience  I know something is missing through our health care system. For those who are not entitled to Excecutive Health care plans. This plan is for you. Our goal is to make Health and wellness knowledge  a service accessible to everybody. Customized care minus the executive prices is our Goal. We want to provide a service that is  truly accessible for  all ages with the preventative guarantee that starts with you being a part of your health management.

Are you Still thinking about Healthcare Shield ?

A physician can diagnose a patient as being diabetic (disease.) But if that diabetic patient does not monitor his glucose levels or make necessary changes in his diet, the nurse can diagnose him with risk for unstable glucose levels (illness.) Thus, nursing is concerned with illness, and it's prevention, management and teaching all aspects that will help change overall outcomes while medicine (or a physician) is concerned with disease.  Big difference. The act of nursing is a true comprehensive position that truly can teach all the aspects of client care. We encourage and include everything health to help change out comes of illness. Nursing was implemented before wellness and fitness courses and other alternative ways of helping the eagerly naive.

But we embrace all acts that work to complete the health process of an individual.   We call it client focused care not generic principles of wellness because no one human is GENERIC.

Would  You like   access to a healthcare advocate? A team that is able  to answer, and help you navigate through any medical or wellness Health issues that you  and your family may have?

  Would you like to change how you feel about your healthcare options?  We embrace alternative care but we Believe that you should get the total benefits of our Health care system.  Let's truly utilize all the systems in place to help you succeed in your overall health  goal. Our services will work with your wellness professionals and medical professionals   to help you reach and maximize the  knowledge needed for you to be at your best.

We are still working to bring this product to you and would love for you to take this survey  for your chance to Win a FREE Healthcare membership.

Stay connected we are your health and Social advocates.  This has been your  Health buzz  with Michelle Smith  be sure to use our  Ask the experts section

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