Hi its your girl JA Nursing  with your  Social Buzz for the week with the most anticipated Radio interview by our friends over at G98.7fm The Grapevine hosted by   Mr Fitzroy Gordon  sat  down With Mr Curt Barry.  The contents of this interview may evoke many emotions, however it is in public interest to have all sides of the story addressed.  As Social Advocate I work with many people who have ben given a unfare exchange by the justice system, and I feel that it is part of the title to advocate for all especially when I know how many children have been effected by this injustice with the system.


Lets just go back 

   Toronto Police          @TorontoPolice

We regret to announce that 3yr old has died. Our thoughts are with his family and all affected by this tragedy ^sm

In my  first blog about the tragic passing of Elijah, I had some concerns about the circumstances behind the incident. It is not my place to judge however one thing I do know for certain is that as a Social Advocate/ Health care professional  I have worked with many Men like Mr Curt Barry that have been given a unfair chance in our justice system.  This factor becomes more scary when children are displaced from unfit homes and bit into Foster care rather than mending a family with A Father that is capable to care for a child in all ways needed.   

As well, I  have worked with many Mothers Like myself who cant seem to get the Justice system to work at all. Case in question. Once the father decides not to work then support can not  be enforced. But for today's topic we will speak About how Men can regain some rights.

I think its wrong to deprive a child of either one of their Parents especially when a Parent wants to see their children.

We all know that the ratio is more common  to have  Women  chasing the Father. However when you have a case where the Father is chasing the child it has proven to

 most often end up in a tragic scenario  as seen  with Little Elijah Marsh.

Few points to understand here, I always tell people that this Justice System is not even designed for women. I personally have a case outstanding with FRO otherwise known as The  Family Responsibility Office


I always say that it is quite offensive for Mother's like myself to call FRO repeatedly,  inorder to have some sort of action take place, While you have Fathers like Mr Barry who are paying the support with out gaining proper access.       

Video   via https://www.youtube.com/user/acuratlnigga


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Many may wonder why Should I go into this, Well  as   your Social Advocate issues like this pass through my day regularly. Social literacy effects Health literacy. The end results of both situations can lead to  tragic outcomes.


What can be done to equal the field?   leave   a  comment

 How do we Change the Justice System to treat individuals  in a manner that reflect their actions ?

  The long and short of this is that If both children had been given the exact access from the Family Justice system  this incident could have been avoided.

A life is a big price to pay when equality of rights is involved I hope this truly sets A precedent for future case brought before the courts.


RIP Elijah Marsh this Post is not to take away from the Pain that all Members of the family may feel. This post is to examine relationships, the system and the unfortunate casualties, The children

To the family of Elijah Marsh, we are mourning with you with everything we have. Our hearts are heavy. We ache for you.

Child Support Table Look-up


   I just used this look up to see how much Child support I should be getting and according to this look up they stated I get $0. Now isn't that the luck of the draw when Fathers decide not to work or  choose to work under the table no enforcement is applied.  That will be another blog when we tackle Social Advocacy a Mother's story.

Child Custody And Access

When you separate or divorce, you must arrange for the care of the children. A lawyer or mediator can help you work out parenting arrangements. What you should know about Family Law in Ontario.


 If you are facing a similar incident and would like help here are some resources. Please access   We offer   Referrals to the right Family Law Lawyer



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  Precedent is something that sets a standard for future events. It's hard to say what the legal community would do without the word precedent, since so many legal judgments and decisions are based on what came before.http://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/precedent

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