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Elijah Marsh

Thanks for sharing your story which actually seems to fill a lot of the gaps. The court system is really messed up when it pertains to this cases and in any event the child is not with one parent, he or she should be with the other. This country lives for double standard and there need to be a stop. You people out there talking about he should move on, how can you expect him to? If it was your child I am pretty sure you all would have pulled no stops to ensure justice will be serve. The man has all RIGHTS to say whether it makes his child's mom and family looks bad. I have three boys at home and if one of them gets up in the night to pee or for anything, you better believe that I hear them. So I believe him when he says that the grand mom was not watching him. Some mothers can really be spiteful but they need to realize that it's the child they are spiting. R.I.P. Elijah. One πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œ

 Very emotional and difficult day. Wished my condolences and prayers for the Marsh family during this heart wrenching time.

My blessings be with them and any parent who has gone through the pain of saying goodbye to their child.

"Are you Protected from the Unexpected?"

 Hello  It's your Girl JA Nursing how is everyone  doing  today? with just over 72 hours  of seeing  such tragedy  in our city, lets really take a moment to  have some empathy, for Elijah's family.  At this time no one  knows any more to the story  then the facts that a  boy has lost his life. I'll have to weight  in on this situation.
 With many questions unanswered,  the hows, and whys  have grown in our city especially with another  child  found the next day in similar conditions.
Toronto police say a toddler was found wandering naked outside on Friday — just a day after three-year-old Elijah Marsh died after walking out of an apartment complex in the middle of the night.

A neighbor found the child, also three years old, around 1:30 p.m. Friday in the city’s west end, near Kipling Avenue and Lakeshore Boulevard, police said.
The toddler was taken to St. Joseph’s hospital as a precaution, but police spokesman Victor Kwong said the boy was believed to be unharmed.
Initially, police said they could not locate the parents. But Staff Sgt. Mary Price said around 2:30 p.m. that the mother had been identified and police were waiting to speak with her.
“We’re trying to determine how the child got outside,” she said.
Temperatures in Toronto were hovering around -15C on Friday  -22C with windchill, according to Environment Canada.
This  Mother was 23,  and she was arrested. when I was 23 I had 2 children, going to school with very little support. Being a young parent is a challenge.
Is that a cop-out answer or excuse? No it isn't,  but it will  open the doors to what  may be a  greater issue when it comes to the family unit.   (I'll leave that question open for now).

 Last year I facilitated a Grief counseling health and wellness day for a community that lost 2 youths to violence. This day was a true testimony to  the pain felt by not only the parents involved but the pain felt by an entire community when a youth is lost.  Just by reading all the twitter feeds we can see and feel the same sense of loss.

 I have couple question........

If this was another residential  area would this have happened? A condo,  or a well run apartment building? It's not to say that it is brain surgery to open a door by a toddler but, to open  2 lobby doors becomes questionable.

I can't help but to wonder   how  COULD a 2 feet tall child  open  those  lobby doors so easily?  Do you think that could happen in YOUR BUILDING ?  I know many TCH  buildings, and sometimes the doors are not even locked. Just the thought that a hard  breeze could  easily  blow open the doors to many Toronto Housing Complexes; is quite shocking and disturbing, but true.

My concern is that  one's environment  or living condition can  predispose them  to tragedy. If the building's door where  properly locked, could he have pushed open the door? Or if this was a well run building with a super or concierge, or security on duty like most housing complexes are supposed to have not just idle cameras, but someone actually watching them. Could this still have happened?

  I'm just saying,  I'm not trying to throw blame all over the place, but I am looking at all ways in-which this situation could have been prevented. 
I don't live in housing, but I strongly feel that the residents of Toronto Housing complexes all across the city become victims in some why or another.  Last week for example there was a building downtown that was out of power and heat for many days  when the city was under a extreme cold alert. (link below)

So in saying that we all have to take an account of our living conditions.  We are all responsible for the safety of our children.
This is my take on the situation,  I am  your Health and Social Advocate Michelle Smith this has been your Community Social Buzz

With little over a Month since Elijah Marsh's  tragic incident Curt Berry Speaks  with over 29,805 views on You tube The father Speaks Out

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