Are you looking for a Job In Health Care?

Employment Related  Services 

Are you in the Healthcare Industry and having difficulties finding your perfect job?  Let our services at JA Smith Consulting and Nursing Services help you. We help new and current healthcare professionals get the job that they deserve. 
Services include but are not limited to Resume writing for  healthcare jobs

  • Help in matching your résumé with the requirements of a specific job
  • Interview assistance and review
  • Job search
  • Tutoring for healthcare students  In PSW, RPN, and RN programs 
  • Job refresher and readiness  programs 
Like a resource center our team offers  you the opportunity to change your job search results. 

My objective  started as a former job seeker who for a while after school truly had trouble with landing the right job. I was not getting interviews and I was being sent to resource centers that did not have individuals that were  familiar with the overall working healthcare industry. I started a home venture called Resumes R us. Helping individuals find entry level positions. As the years have progressed I have met many students who have had little success getting a  interview or getting the interview with little success of landing the job. This service  is to help  you be the successful candidate.  The key to job search is to understand the employer's expectations especially since any position in Healthcare require optimal knowledge due to the sensitivity of the population that you are working with. 

Remember careers in healthcare produce individuals  with the skills to save lives. 

This component is very important, it requires you  to understand what is  needed to make your application address the needs of the organization. Let your resume stand out  separately from all the other résumés in the pile.

You can show the employer that you have the specific qualifications, education and experience to fill the job within that organization. 

How does this work?   you can send a email  to our staff  at and we can arrange a meeting.  If you are not in Toronto and surrounding area We  can connect  through a mode suitable for you. 

What does this all cost? Your first  consult is free.  Fee's are individually based on your needs. The goal is to change your status to happily employed.  We work with you to appropriately match your skills to the right job.  Remember,  your future income is worth putting in your  best effort. 

In a growing market of Healthcare workers the positions are quite competitive and require you to put yourself ahead in a demanding industry. 

As a healthcare worker your wages can range from $35,000 and Up. Why not use a service that will change your future forever.

This service is not limited to only Healthcare Positions. fill out the contact form and lets connect.

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