You Are Invited to The Immigrant Women’s Small Business Expo NOVEMBER 8 2015




Hey it's your Girl JA Nursing here, with another great event to share.  In a  article in the Financial post it citedOnce you empower a woman financially, it changes her life and the community entirely,” says Ms. Alexander, who spent nearly a decade working in Afghanistan with various charities. CSBW's  goal   is to give aspiring and current business women of Canada a chance to not only network, but to also showcase their business and learn from the best. They  offer a myriad of opportunities throughout the year.

On October 4 2015,  Canadian Small Business Women CEO Dwania Peele  did it again, bringing  The Immigrant Women’s Small Business Expo to  Ottawa.  With great success she is at it again.  On November 8 2015,  Canadian Small Business Women will be hosting  another FREE Expo!   Great news you  are all   invited to be a part of this amazing  movement. It has been Dwania Peele's  mission to help educate and promote women creating successful self-owned businesses. 

“If you cannot reach 100%, start with 10% and build on it until your original dream is realized.”
says CSBW CEO; her company is  aimed at helping women find the necessary resources to take their businesses from the planning stage to a reality. Meet Dwania Peele!     

Immigrant Women’s Small Business Expo: TORONTO EDITION
Location: Atlantis Pavillion (Ontario Place), 955 Lakeshore Blvd West.
Date: November 8, 2015
Price: FREE!

When a event takes place many people ask What are the benefits?
From the founder of this event she states "Being an immigrant female in Canada can be hard, matter of fact, just starting a business in Canada is hard as well! We are here to make sure you have all the tools you need to be a success"

Our events provide you with:
*Great information material in the form of seminars and workshops
*A great platform to network with other women with similar interests
*A chance to get one on one advice from industry leaders and representatives
*Increased Business Exposure, if you choose to become a sponsor or exhibitor
*A great overall experience, leaving you wanting to attend our other events and gain more information that can help your business!
*Not to mention, we offer SWAG bags to all of our guests with complementary materials from other companies.

  I am excited to be a part of this years Pamper lounge, I will be offering onsite health information as well as other surprises.

GREAT NEWS The Pamper Lounge is seeking vendors .  If your business offers health, wellness and beauty service or products, we are looking for you.  Email us at for additional information. Don't forget to add promocode JANURSING for your chance to Win an Amazing Gift

  This has been your Social buzz with your health and social advocate Michelle Smith  stay connected knowledge is power.  If you are having and event  lets connect   



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