October 19 2015 are you voting ? Make your Voice be Heard

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Hi it's your girl JA Nursing here,  over the Last couple months I have have had the opportunity to  advocate for voting  at Youthday  Federal Election edition put on by  organizer Tylain Duggan of youth day.  Jane and Finch Votes Organized by Jamil  Javani Osgoode Law Professor. I also  had the opportunity  to attend a candidate  debate in  Etobicoke North  at Rexdale community Hub, which isespecially important to me because I grew up in Etobicoke  and  live in Etobicoke also known as Rexdale.  Canada’s 42nd federal election is on  Monday October 19 2015. Today many stations had coverage of individual candidates like.

It is  very important that you not only know which party you would like to represent you in this years Federal Election;  but  you must understand what each candidate individually represents for your area.

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So the burning question is who do you think will represents your area, your concerns and your needs.

The Liberal seven-point advantage continues over the federal election campaign's closing weekend, the latest tracking by Nanos Research for CTV News and the Globe and Mail shows.
According to numbers released on Oct. 18, the day before the election:
The Liberals have 37.3 per cent support nationally
The Conservatives have 30.5 per cent support nationally
The NDP has 22.1 per cent support nationally
The Greens are at 4.7 per cent support nationally
Poll respondents were asked "If a federal election were held today, could you please rank your top two current local voting preferences?"
Compared to a month ago, the responses show the Liberals up six points, the NDP down nine points, and the Conservatives up two points.

Up until the Thanksgiving Weekend, the Liberals and Conservatives were locked in a tight two-way race, pollster Nik Nanos told CTV News Channel on Sunday.
"We saw a two-way race going into Thanksgiving weekend," he said. "But after Thanksgiving weekend, after the pumpkin pie, the Liberals came out … with about a six-point advantage and they've been able to hold onto that advantage in the closing week of the campaign."
According to Nanos Research, the Liberals have benefited from a decline in NDP support over the course of the campaign.

"It took about 66 days for Canadians to figure out who the main challenger would be to (Conservative Leader) Stephen Harper, and it ended up being (Liberal Leader) Justin Trudeau," Nanos said. "The reality is that the NDP, although there's good will toward them, have been squeezed by strategic voters."
Nanos said the shift from NDP to Liberal support can be seen in the two parties' trend lines, which have been mirror images of each other in the last month.
"When the NDP went up, the Liberals went down, and when the Liberals went up, the NDP went down," he said. "So what we've seen is movement from the New Democrats towards the Liberals in order to block Stephen Harper."
Time for Action
We are going to make our voices heard in Canada's election. Please join us on October 19.2015

#JaneAndFinchVotes is a nonpartisan voter mobilization project in the Jane and Finch community. Our goal is to increase voter turnout from youth and their parents in the community. We are affiliated with Osgoode Hall Law School, Black Creek Community Health Centre, The Spot and other community organizations.
We believe that communities like Jane and Finch, which has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in Toronto but faces some of the starkest
inequalities in the city, need to have a louder voice in Canada's political process to ensure the community's needs are addressed.    #JaneAndFinchVotes   Read More  http://www.thestar.com/news/federal-election/2015/09/24/osgoode-law-school-class-targets-low-voter-turnout-in-jane-and-finch.html

This has been your Social advocacy Buzz with with Michelle Smith stay connected I am your Health and Social Advocate find me on twitter @janursing and on facebook @janursing 

 Happy  Voting Canada  Voting  is Our Right!



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