Lamar Odem wakes up! Intervention Time

Hey It's your Girl JA Nursing here, well for the last couple of days  we have seen headlines like
Lamar Odom Went Off the Rails   Over 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians I had to weight in on the situation. Is this a Social issue, Mental health issue or a expected issue?  I don't know about you but the facts are the facts and then the reality is the reality. In my career I have seen this situation time and time again. I could blame situations but as a Nurse I see past the situation and look at the overall story.
According to reports from the hospital, doctors are still waiting to figure out if Khloe Kardashian's ex has sustained significant brain damage, which is a concern considering his coma and general condition following his apparent drug overdose at a Nevada brothel on Tuesday.
It appears Odom suffered an ischemic stroke, which occurs when a blood clot prevents blood flow to the brain — and that kind of stroke is most typically associated with overdose patients, including those who have consumed cocaine. Accordingly, a source has revealed that "virtually every drug imaginable" has been found in Odom's system — scary!

Let's weight in on this  situation, This is not a weight in but a story of circumstances. We have to always be  aware that substance abuse an mental illness becomes a topic if we all just try to understand that many factors affect the outcomes for many.  I know we all would like to blame the Kardasians but this  incident stems  since childhood, the Queens, N.Y., native has traveled a rocky road. At age 12, Odom lost his mother to colon cancer. On Khloe & Lamar and to ESPN, Odom spoke of his father's struggle with heroin addiction. He went to live with his grandmother and later Jerry DeGregorio, the coach of his Rhode Island college team. To add to further to contributing factors to  lamor Odom  possible break down is the fact that he has  also suffered from   several incidents of  personal Loses.  Over the years the former Laker and Olympian has faced one painful loss after the other. Odom has two children, Destiny, 13, and Lamar Jr., 10, with his ex-girlfriend of over 10 years, Liza Morales. In 2006 the couple lost a third child, Jayden, to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  On Tuesday, almost two decades later, Odom was found unresponsive in a brothel an hour outside of UNLV’s campus.

 Reports of sited that many people  have tried to save  the NBA star from  tragedy, heartbreak, discord, and addiction that has plagued his life.    Many studies have confirmed that  Addiction is due 50 percent to genetic predisposition and 50 percent to poor coping skills.  They goal of advocacy is for the most part to address finding ways to help you with  literacy and navigation  for various different issues  including Mental Wellness also know has Mental Health.   

Some may ask what is Addiction?
 The word “addiction” is often used to refer to any behavior that is out of control in some way. People often describe themselves as being addicted to, for example, a TV show or shopping. The word is also used to explain the experience of withdrawal when a substance or behavior is stopped (e.g., “I must be addicted to coffee: I get a headache when I don’t have my cup in the morning”).
However, experiencing enjoyment or going through withdrawal do not in themselves mean a person has an addiction.
Because the term “addiction” is commonly used in such a vague way, there have been many attempts to define it more clearly. One simple way of describing addiction is the presence of the 4 Cs:
  • craving
  • loss of control of amount or frequency of use
  • compulsion to use
  • use despite consequences.
Why do people keep using?
There are  Numerous psychological factors can influence whether a person chooses to use substances, or whether this use leads to abuse and dependence. People with neurotic, addictive or risk-seeking personalities may be more likely to use substances. Alternatively, poor coping skills or negative thought may lead to substance use and abuse as a coping mechanism in response to stress or emotional turmoil.

Substance use can be hard to change. One thing that makes change so difficult is that the immediate effects of substance use tend to be positive. The person may feel good, have more confidence and forget about his or her problems.

The person may come to believe that he or she cannot function or make it through the day without drugs. When the person uses substances to escape or change how he or she feels, using can become a habit, which can be hard to break. Continued substance use, especially heavy use, can cause changes in the body and brain causing the person to develop physical dependence which makes it hard to stop using due the  distressing 

 A person who develops a  physical dependence and then stops using,  may experience distressing symptoms of withdrawal; These changes may explain why people continue to crave the substance long after they have stopped using, and why they may slip back into using or have a hard time deciding to stop.

What do you make of the situation?  this is not gossip but a chance for us all to understand that your Mental Wellness means  understanding your journey by understanding how you cope or finding ways to learn new coping mechanism. 
This situation with Lamor is only a example of how stories can be publicized,  with one meaning but there's  more to consider. I would like to join the rest and say  screw the Kardashian's it's all their fault even as tempting as it is. With new reports  that Scott Disick has  entered rehab for the fourth time, after the terrible news of Lamor Odom. The 32-year-old ex of Kourtney Kardashian has sought treatment for drug and alcohol abuse in the past as well.

Many want to to use the Kardashian episode as the cause to this tragic  incident.  Health literacy, is a key component to helping individuals understand complicated health issues easier, by understanding contributing factors.

 and a individual that has been through the struggles we can only be real about the situation.  I sited earlier that Lamor at a early age lost his Mother and had to deal with a Father with substance abuse so what to you expect?? this statement is not a yeah I told you so but It is a Yeah learn  to be the person that can understand the overall picture.  

My prayers goes out to lamor and his family, but  as a  advocate with 15 years of  Nursing experience. This blog is for all families searching for answers.

This has been another segment from  Michelle Smith your  Health and Social Advocate. If you know some one that may be suffering  with substance abuse/Mental Health.  JA Nursing We Care Inc. is founded on the principle of navigating  you through your process. We stay with you because WE CARE. You can contact  Us for a assistance with navigation through your process

 Adapted from Addiction: An Information Guide © 2010 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

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