WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU your Opinion Matters

Hi It's your Girl JA Nursing Here
 We have an exciting new Program that will be released into our community division.
But we need to hear your concerns about some of your experiences in our health care system. 

We want to hear from you give  Us your voice. This process also requires you to leave a comment regarding your experience or understanding  of the Role Of  Your Health Care  and Social Advocate

 If you have spoken to  JA  Nursing,  know  JA Nursing,  or   have  been helped my  Janursing.  We  ask that you share your experience not your Identity   a few  words outlining your thoughts. We are using this information to compile the needs expressed by the community to give you superior service

You can post comments below
Your can Text Your comment at #416-567-7556
You can inbox twitter @janursing

You can inbox Facebook  @janursing  Or on my Page JA Smith consulting and Nursing Services 
Your identify and our conversations are confidential however In-order to help make this movement Global And seen as A service to be  Covered  We  Need Your Help.

 Your  comments will be added to the journey of a Health  and Social Advocate

Don't forget to check our New Website www.janursingservices.com

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