Journeys 2 Success Keeping up with the Jones edition

Journeys To Success
Journey's to Success Call  Celebrating Ordinary Women Leading Extraordinary Lives

2014 Agents of Change

Hi it's Your Girl JA Nursing
As a social advocate I wanted to share this event with you all.

As the winter sets in so does the holiday burden. 

Last month I attended  an event put on by Toronto Community Housing, of which I was named a Agent For Change.  I felt exceptional to join the list of ladies above. But let it be known the struggle is real a lot of lessons have been learned unfortunately by going in the wrong direction. 
But that is the beauty of lessons you can share them and help others.
 My community division  known as JA Nursing is tailored to continuously help the community at large with practical knowledge and experience. The results intended, is a community that is informed and knowledgeable. This is the goals of Being a Social and Health Advocate. 

What was the objective of 
Journeys to Success?

Journey to Success celebrates ordinary women with exceptional lives.The goal of this event is to continue to educate, inspire and empower women to take the lead and be agents of change. This initiative involved 2 events  designed to celebrate women of change who in spite of their obstacles inspire us through their determination, commitment and achievements.

I salute the organizers of this well thought out concept and event. The first part of the event  was called Wisdom Circle, which focused  on wisdom and experience sharing of residents and professionals. You know when looking back at this event this was and will continue be a practical way of helping our community gain insight and support. 

Every women on the panel had a story to tell about how financial literacy has been approached. For everyone this journey will be different, but it is important for women at large to feel like the support exists. As you know  financial issues happen at all aspects of life.

One of my most enjoyed parts of the evening  was all of us getting a chance to speak directly to the women and youths in what they called  breakout sessions,  this was the opportunity to encourage the Residents and their children about some of our experiences that have helped changed the direction of our lives. 

Journey’s circle gave us an opportunity  to have heart to heart dialogue, with the goal of helping to heal financial wounds due to loss, illness, etc.  and to support each other with clarifying our purpose and financial mission.

Who can argue that Making ends  meet, with the focus on financial Freedom from generation to generation isn't the concern of us all 

Overall the event was a great success.

Just little story 
I brought my son to Get his social insurance Card, I wanted to have it explained  to him the importance of this financial identification. Your #Sin number is almost as important as your name it's like a numeric name that describes you in numbers.   #Financial #Responsibility a lesson learned  late by myself.  

Here's some tips 
What does it mean to be financially responsible?  
To be financially responsible, you need to live within your means. And to live within your means, you must spend less than you make!

Responsible use of a credit means paying the balance on your account in full each month.

This is a good Rule to follow 

Balance-to-Limit Ratio
Equifax says: “Try not to run your balances up to your credit limit. Keeping your account balances below 75% of your available credit may also help your score.”

TransUnion says: “Balances above 50 percent of your credit limits will harm your credit. Aim for balances under 30 percent.”

Ok, so avoid maxing out your credit - because if you don’t really need more credit you’ll be able to get it, and if you do really need it then you are more of a risk.(Funny how that works)

Learn to Paying Yourself First  before you pay your bills - pay yourself first. A good goal to save is 10%.

Financial responsibility means being prepared for the unexpected. You should have atleast 6 months worth of money saved in case of emergencies, lesson learned when I lost my job one year. The more education you have means that it becomes harder for you to qualify for EI otherwise known as unemployment insurance. Funny since once your working you pay into it. 

Ultimately, financial responsibility means living within your means, regardless of the level of those means. Don't worry about keeping up with the Jones they won't help you out of your financial issues.

This has been your social Buzz

With Michelle Smith your Health and Social Advocate 

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