Changes To Ontario's Sex Ed Curriculum Sparks Fiery in Parents

Hello,  Every time I start my blog  I feel like Adele By the way she is my favorite   Its you Girl JA Nursing here, So the Topic of the week, day and for next several months will be the New Sex Education In Ontario, But the question is Why!  a couple of months ago I was involved in The Excellence Conference West   of which I was part of a group that spoke to the importance of parents understanding  Ontario’s New Sex-Ed Curriculum.  The mission of this panel was  for parents to  Learn the facts, dispel the myths,  and share their concerns, and strategies to move forward with peace of mind. In today's news as promisded at the Excellence Confirerence Peel is  honoring what they said about  providing a “factual” guide for parents regarding the controversial sex education curriculum.

as cited in the Mississauga news today   We believe it is important for parents to make an informed decision about the revised HPE curriculum. The guide is very helpful in that decision-making process," he said.
Translated versions of the guide will be available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, Vietnamese and of course English.
To read the full parent guide and to learn more, visit

I sigh..... thank God my children are 21 and 15,   because I think I would catch a case if this was me, Would I really? The answer is NO.  Today in the News parents have started  protesting  and some have opted to take their kids out of school for a week.  The TDSB has made it clear that the children will STILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL the  WORK MISSED. Is that  fare?

Through my observation I have noticed that the Parents protesting are from various cultural and religious  back grounds, baring in mind that culturally this type of conversation would not be accepted in their native country. However, being Canadian born, but raised in A typical Jamaican house I can appreciate the differences in opinion.  Premier Kathleen Wynne has vowed that the updated curriculum will be in place for the start of the school year in September.  In other words, Parents get your pen and paper this bill is coming.

I have heard parents talking about home school, private school but for your information all schools have to follow the Ontario guidelines for curriculum. I undewrstand that this  244 page Health and Physical education PDF can be a bit much for the average parent, especially when there is critical parts that really Piss parents off 

The Opposition has complained that  the government did not consult enough parents before introducing the revised sex ed curriculum, which Wynne has said will not be changed before being implemented. Bold statement. So what is the deal?

The last update to Ontario's sex education curriculum was in 1998. That's almost 20 years ago. Middle-school children didn't have smart phones and social media back then.  Instagram, twiter, Snap chat, sexting and Tinder,  and Facebook were not  part of our children s daily routines.

Grade 2 students will learn about the stages of development and related bodily changes along with the concept that "no means no," as well as some elements of verbal and physical violence.

By Grade 3, students will learn about same sex relationships, while lessons about changes associated with puberty will move from Grade 5 to Grade 4.

Students in Grade 6 will learn about masturbation and "gender expression," while kids in Grades 7 and 8 will discuss contraception, anal and oral sex, preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

 The last update to Ontario's sex education curriculum was in 1998. That's almost 20 years ago. Middle-school children didn't have smart phones and social media back then. Snap chat, sexting and Tinder were not part of the landscape. And puberty is starting earlier than ever now -- at age 7 and 8 for some girls.

It's definitely time to update the curriculum. But what should be included?  and What is appropriate? The curriculum development included input from consultants, educators, parents and students. Some of the highlights are:

1. Grade 3 students will learn about same sex couples and homosexuality;

2. Grade 6 classes will learn about puberty, masturbation and gender identity;

3. Grade 7 students will be taught sexually transmitted diseases (including oral and anal sex).

Our schools are expected to reflect our culture. Gay marriages are legal. If a student has their two moms or two dads dropping them off at school and attending the class concert, why not make sure the language in the textbooks and curriculum reflect the experience of children in an accurate way?
Bullying rates are higher for the LGBTQ  students, and recommendations from all anti-bullying programs is to have LGBTQ committees and clubs to help educate others who have prejudice. We know prejudice is taught, so, why not conquer ignorance proactively by discussing gender identity in the early grades? If a school will take disciplinary actions against a student for making personal attacks about a fellow student's sexual identity, have the curriculum reflect understanding and acceptance of difference, too.

LGBT Terms and Definitions. Here are some of the words and acronyms that are commonly used in American English for LGBT issues. LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQA, TBLG: These acronyms refer to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Asexual or Ally.

We have decades of data that shows that kids do not become promiscuous or confused when they get sexual education. Quite the opposite. Education increases their safety. It has a protective effect to their mental and physical health. Students make better decisions and there is a reduction in disease, prejudice and sexual misconduct.

So what is your responsibility as a Parent?  .... Talk to your kids that's the  first answer.  Sharing my personal experience I was a teen Mother, without this new curriculum.  So I know that it's not the curriculum that will alter outcomes for your children, It is the lack of knowledge that will alter outcomes.  We have to all learn as Parents to start the conversation at home first.  VALUES and Your families individualized value system,  and the importance of  Individual Self Worth is what's important.  Including having continued conversations regarding your families cultural and religious believes,   will help your child understand that individuals do have the rights to be themselves, while  learning  to develop healthy relationships.  But when  is the Right Time? that will continue to be the question for many.

 I learned about sex when i was 9...stumbled on a certain porn website:D (unknown)

Watch this Video find a way to make your self comfortable about having the  conversation with your children. Hear  Cloud Mom discuss  how and why she  started the conversation.

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