Your Credit Is Like Your Last Name

What would your last name be if it was compared to your credit score?


Its Monday, back to the grind, back to figuring out if you are going to get a tax return this year or if OSAP is going to take it.

Weekly I will have different financial literacy  topics that will help to bring the community closer to financial knowledge. The  goal to help  our selves  with a purposeful intention to stop the generational curse. Knowledge is  power.  Your credit score is like your last name.
 Building you credit works in  the same manner like building a relationship. You have to nurture your credit build that relationship and it will reward you.

The purpose is not to Show off  but to show that it is possible, anyone' who knows me knows that  life hasn't been easy.  Starting College  at 18  was not the only thing I started. 18 was the year I started my journey to financial  failure.  Why you might ask?  September 1994 they  granted  me the magical  booklet.  All I had to do was check mark which credit card I wanted and I got it like all like MAGIC.

The only thing was that the explanation of how I was going to pay  for all those cards was not included. I include to say department store cards because they normally hold a higher interest rate, which makes it very difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when I comes to your finances.  Lets not  forget to mention  those gas cards too.  But who cared right?  

Well I was 23 and now having  child #2 last year of Nursing at George Brown College and about almost $50,000 deep into OSAP.  Back then in 95-99  most students got  lucky to have all your living expenses transferred into OSAP hmm, I'm a baller now,  big money and credit cards Like who  could ask for anything else.
the Saga continues...........

weekly different parts of the story will be revealed..............

 One of the biggest lessons  learned is how to keep my Credit Game on Point... a total of over 15 years of a lesson to be exact. to change a R9 rating into a Good rating.

Now the questions is Do you want your lesson to TAKE THAT LONG?

Make it your mission to pay of your student loans as early as possible
Once you put this in order, Only  then  can  you start  to rebuild your Credit--- Remember once you mess it up not all hope is lost stay responsible, Build equity, pay your bills on time and plan ahead, leave cards for emergencies only.

Try to pay off what you owe monthly... Start back with a easy card like PC Financial  pay  them on time then try for an increase.  If you practice that for a while then you can try applying for A line of Credit which is 5-7% .   A line of credit can help you pay off your other debts  that have a higher interest rate.

Rule of thumb never spend more than you have. Good credit is not about flossing its about making a feature for Your Family.

Financial   Literacy is a must 
For more financial information contact  Andrew Stewart direct 416-566-5136

No man is a Island. Life and Business becomes easier when you have a team to work with. I have no issues sharing my team and contacts with you when you need them.
Unity is Power!!!
"Are you protected from the Unexpected?"

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a small insert about credit building so I decided to do a blog. Leave a comment or question in this post.
talk to you soon

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