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RSL Presents: The Way To A Man's Heart "Cook Off" on 

Valentine's Day 2015


 Hi it's your  Girl JA Nursing  HAY   #teamsmarties so it's official, the one week count down has started to the big  V,  Valentines day,  February 14 2015.  As we know this day can be an  absolute disaster for some women and men. I'll let it be know that i'm an official member of the single's club. Yes JA Nursing is Single. I support the movement very much, as a single women in Toronto it has been quite the challenge to find a partner that see's things eye to eye. The goal of partnership and courting has lost a lot of value and my question would be why? Is shivery dead?  is age a factor, children, education. Im at a lost for words so I'll definitely commend the REAL SINGLE LADIES OF TORONTO for starting  the dialogue about Love Therapy and relationships.

On February 14th, 2015, The Real Single Ladies of Toronto ® is hosting an event called
This event is an old fashioned cook-off... where The Real Single Ladies of Toronto ®  (RSL) will be competing against each other for a Grand Prize: the "Man's Heart Trophy". This event will be held in Scarborough; it will feature Live Music, Sweet treats, and Signature Drinks, as well as spreading awareness and donating to Push Community Empowerment Society (PUSH - OCN # 1880234).


Who exactly are "The Real Single Ladies of Toronto?

* We are a group of vibrant, intelligent,  and outgoing women; creating a platform through events, videos, and social media that discusses love, dating, & relationships with a partners, friends and family, as well as the relationship we have with ourselves.
We also focus on any issue that impacts us a women.

What inspired you ladies to start this?

*Well, we're being bombarded by reality TV these days, except it all seems far from reality,  at least our reality.... especially as single women.  Now don't get me wrong I love me some Nene & RHOA,  but the lifestyle & drama projected in the media, of women, single or not just doesn't match up more often than not with what we as women go through.

Do you face haters that feel being single is something that should not be focused on in this manner?

*Absolutely, but we wouldn't classify them as haters.... generally speaking we all grow up, both men & women, being taught that we should aspire to find love & settle down in a partnership of some degree. Even us at times struggle with the downsides of "being single". So we try to focus on the upsides,  it's empowering to know that at what ever stage you are in your life there's goodness there! There's fun, & laughter, & learning.... even happiness,  & that exists for single people as well.
The Real Single Ladies have an event coming up this Valentines Day called THE WAY TO  A MAN'S HEART..

Is this an attempt to find love?

* This is the most original event in Toronto; it's a good old-fashioned cook off competition,  recorded live, with entertainment from the Black Liqourice Live Band, Celebrity Host Darling Nicky & judges Dwayne Morgan & Kofi Sereboe. We will be featuring, Erotica poetry,  Signature drinks & sweet treats as well.  The only love we're trying to find is in the form of votes from the judges.... unless prince charming happens to arrive.. Then I'll have to find my glass slippers. Seriously though, We are very passionate about engaging our community and this great city, which is why we are very excited about this event & we will also be donating to PUSH Community Empowerment Society, a not-for profit grassroots organization in honour of Black History Month.

Do you think the way to a man's heart really is through his stomach?

*I think it's a great first step! But I don't think your cooking alone will keep you there.... otherwise I'd have the heart of many men.  Cooking for me at least is an expression of love, it's a process of creating an experience on a plate & when you share that with others it can be quite intimate... In more ways than one wink wink!

After this,  what's next for The real Single Ladies Of Toronto?

Well, we have some juicy, interesting & important topics to tackle on The Status, which airs weekly on Wednesday nights at 11pm,  on   We will be launching an 8 webisodes reality/talk show on our YouTube channel in the near future & for the rest you just have to stay connected & wait & see!

Your all invited to purchase your tickets through this link   

This has been your Love Therapy Moment with Michelle Smith I am your  your Health and Social advocate.  This Topic is very dear to my heart and I wish You all well hugs. We  want to here from you what is your opinion on this interview?  What is the way to a man's heart?

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