Your own Social Advocate Marketing Manager.

Imagine having a dedicated expert who understands your business and goals, just a phone call away. That’s the Personal Marketing Manager; they'll develop a custom marketing plan based on your goals. When it comes to sending your monthly campaigns, you'll supply the content, and your manager will do the rest: design, formatting, campaign testing, and scheduling the send. Included with our Packages.  We  deliver a  activity plan: The plan identifies all of the details needed to ensure every single marketing dollar and hour spent drives results and helps you achieve your goals.
Share your product, brand or business with VIEWERS
we have over 15,000 views with  visits increasing daily
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 Armed with this knowledge, we create audience-based marketing campaigns. Each campaign employs an integrated marketing strategy, combining a mix of activities executed toward a common goal.

What do you believe is most memorable in people’s minds?

What is your company's mission statement

that is, your purpose, reason for existing? What is your 

vision  statement? 

Who IS your potential customers  ?

Advocate marketing is all about engaging with your customers and building stronger relationships with them.We connect you with the RIGHT people,  The Right Event which will increase your visibility. 

Many companies I’ve spoken with recently, are looking for new ways to approach customers.

At its core, marketing is about building relationships between brands and consumers.  Advocacy marketing provides a rich framework to guide those relationships and engage with consumers through authentic conversations.

Marketing planning is a crucial way to achieve both short and long-term goals for your business. Through our planning process we identify the smartest and most cost-effective investments to produce tangible results.
If you are  Planning and event and need People to See you ?
much like an event planner we are Social/marketing advocates we work with you to Create the most visibility for your event, and your business, We  drive community awareness for your  event or business   

Through our program we endorse support and let the world  know and hear about you.


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