When JA Nursing Meets Fine China And Mr Dubbs

HI Good Morning its your Girl JA Nursing Tonight my  #METIME will be spent With ReggaeTown radio

SO I guess by now you have been able to guess THAT   I  LIKE  Music NAH ACTUALLY I LOVE MUSIC   I think  IT is my ultimate Therapy.  It cheap, free and  Its just one of those things  that you know the saying When it Hits You Feel No Pain 
you can find me on the G98.7fm twitter feed  using the HASTAG   #musictherapy

As you know music is the healing of all nations. Several months ago, I meet  Mr Chris Dubbs in the CHRY 105.5Fm studioS  Holla big Up Dj Wiz of the Wixzology Show I used to do a Health Chat on his show at 430pm on Thursdays.

AND THE STORY BEGINS OF HOW JA NURSING MET Mr Chris Dubbs,  AND YES HE IS THE very same one that helps to light up the MORNING RIDE SHOW  on  CIUT 89.5FM on MONDAY MORNINGS  Shout Outs To the Morning Ride Crew

THAT day I was taking about Medical Marijuana and its great effects , Dubbs was in the building at that time.

Well the long and short of the story is  after that  Chris and I spoke several times good vibes.  In speaking  he introduced  me to the concept  of doing  health tips on his show REGGAETOWN RADIO.   And here we are Today, So like all good things this story has to share.

The reason for this blog  today is its  Wednesday or as we know it #WCW  and since my favorite host will be on tonight I need to shout out FINECHINA   find her on twitter   @only1finechina

 she is the CO-Host  ReggaetownRadio and she sure knows how to spice things up. Her onions are real, She has great insight into music and today's current  Topics.  Not to mention when I call in  We agree eye to eye on the strength of a Women.  Sorry Chris you just don't understand sometimes. The shit  women go through  But I know you have mad love for the Ladies.

So what does this all have to do with me? Well as I said like all good things this show has to share. Chris Dubbs introduced a concept called THE CLINIC . It's a great concept, I call into the show and they  ask me anything, its neat because nothing is planned  Not even when i'm going to Call.  I just pop up on the line and we have a good informative chat on all topics Health, and Social.

So again Im going to ask You What DAY is it? 

Its ReggaeTown Wednesday's

before I finish up, I really needed to SHOUT out the Show on this concept of just dialing INTO 647-932-4111   AND YOU HEAR THE SHOW LIVE  and Direct ON YOUR PHONE AS DUBBS SAYS IF YOUR IN JAMAICA ALL YOU NEED IS CREDIT AND IF YOUR IN USA OR  CANADA ALL YOU NEED IS  A FULL BATTERY TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO LEAVE A MESSAGE WHEN REAGGETOWN IS ON  Thanks for doing that you know Roger's has people  crying with crazy data charges, but Now reggae town has me smiling because I can enjoy the program on the  go.


Ps This show is currently not on Christmas Mode so straight Music  No JINGLES  unless it JUGGLING

 Stay connected and Locked this has been Your Social Buzz Update With Michelle Smith  Aka JA Nursing Your  Health and Social Advocate


Listen live now or call 647-559-8386 to join the discussion. 

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