When JA Nursing IN The Streets Meets linky Links Street Talk UPDATED


Hi its your girl JA Nursing several Months ago Linky Links radio was launched my message to the world as seen below  stated that it will be a  show not to miss. Each and every Thursday, the team has stepped up their game. The topics keep growing from interviews with community leaders like Steve Kerr, to Music interviews with various artist like Exco Levi, Omi, Don Dem, Fluxx Team, Paul Ade of the Black Canadian Awards, Diabetes, Cancer, Dance hall, Child relief, too  hosting events including Juggling for the Cure, which was a dedication to his Queen who he lost to Cancer, 

All  topics are on the table for discussion  discussed Just do yourself a favor and tune in Each and every Thursday at 10pm the list of content will only continue to  grow.  Don't forget to call in and request your topics we got it covered. It has been a  pleasure being a part of TeamStreet Talk.  Bless up Sandra Sylburne, Kenny's Auto Queen Beauty Supply

Who is Linky Links the  community  leader, the host

What are we about?

Bringing your link to the street is what were all about!
We interview local artists, restaurants, small business and events to shed light on Toronto's great multicultral city. If you would like to be on the show or have your business/event promoted on the show contact us today.
 Most Recently a behind the scenes look at Street talk powered by the one and only Talk Bout Media http://talkboutmedia.com/

 Official launch Message
Hi It's your Girl JA Nursing I'm excited to  announce to you #teamsmarties

that starting  today I will be on Street Talk. What  does this mean. Well the goal of JA Nursing is to increase the literacy of the World. I WILL BE BRINGING  NOTHING BUT THE BEST WHEN IT COMES TO  YOUR HEALTH BOTH MAN AND WOMAN... I want to change the way we view health and I would like you  to have this information on a URban Platform.

They said JA Nursing never stop bringing the knowledge.... So it's been written when  JA Nursing in the Streets meets  linkylinks  Street Talk the World will not be the Same again  
 knowledge Is Power  lets Get It In

STREET TALK each & every Thursdays coming to you
        LOG ON   10PM DON'T BE LATE

 Hosted By Linky Links instagram  @linkylinks20
                                                 FACE BOOK LINKY LINKS


Music by Chip Lucus @chip_lucass 

For More Info:


Media inquires:


Tel: 905 782 3476
Tel: 647 885 3981

The show is designed for the streets (the people). We will be talking about everything -entertainment, health, history,  family,politics. etc. Listen live weekly for the hottest Dj's, interviews

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You now have the opportunity to inquire more about the show. Do you want to be on the show?
Here is your opportunity please fill out the contact form http://www.linkylinks.com/contact.html

FIND HIM ON INSTAGRAM @linkylinks20  THANKS FOR THE INTRODUCTION - Check ma girl out @janursing_ on STREET TALK EACH AND EVERY THURSDAY STARTING TODAY FEB 5th WE GO LIVE TO AIR ON "Linkylinks.com" 10pm _12am . DON'T MISS IT!!!!! #Streettalk #health #maketherightchoice #itsgonnabedifferent #janursinginthestreets #Raisingthebar #Letsgetit

Don't forget Ask the expert is in session www.janursingservices.com

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