Hey, it's your girl JA Nursing here,  I remember back in the days,  I used to think that 40 was the year that represented old age but, forgive me for being conceited  but that is no longer the truth. I have plenty of  friends that will be turning 40 in 2016 . It truly seems like I am a part of the new elite 40 club.  Change is good especially if it becomes continuous   Forget the excuses.  Just for today, focus on the many ways that you can improve your health.  I  have been blogging for quite some time now and  I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read  my blogs and my articles in the TorontoCaribbeanNewspaper .     I have managed to do all of these steps in an attempt to keep myself rejuvenated.  My ask the expert platform gives you an opportunity to ask a health question that I will answer.  Doing things gradually is a sure fire way to keep the habit going.  I follow Dj Khaled because his motivation to be at his best is enough to get the largest person motivated to get healthy. Remember healthy doesn't necessarily mean weight loss, It is a combination of things, So  grab a pen as I go into  this Major Cloth Talk (DjKhaled Voice) 
This list is by no means complete, but  it is a starting point to making your physical, emotional, and spiritual health a priority in your busy life.   Once you do these health upgrades today, do them again tomorrow.  Before you know it you’ll be living a healthy lifestyle…with  no effort. 
1. Drink more water. Your body is 90 percent water and needs water for almost every function.  Many of the aches and pains, headaches, and other symptoms we experience would lessen if we just drank more water.
2. Go for a brisk walk.  Your heart is a muscle that needs movement inorder to function optimally. We know this but we often need a reminder to just do it. Your body was made to move.
3. Laugh daily laughter therapy is my medicine along with  music therapy  which releases Endorphins which are produced in your brain  which is designed to relieve stress and enhance pleasure. 
4. Eat 2 or 3 pieces or servings of fruit (count ½ cup of fruit like grapes, blueberries, cherries, etc. as a serving). If you can't eat it remember you can blend it put add some greens to your smoothie  Follow the 60/40 rule: 3 cups fruit and 2 cups leafy greens. If you plan to replace a meal with a green smoothie you will need to use  healthy fats and proteins.  such as  
Healthy fats protect your heart, keep your energy levels up, boost metabolism, and lower bad cholesterol levels. So please don’t skip the fats. They’re actually really, really good for you! And these ingredients below make your green smoothies extra creamy.
  • Avocado
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond butter
  • Chia seeds (yep, here they are again! These babies are loaded with healthy fats and protein, making them a great everyday booster)
Plant-based proteins keep your body full and give you tons of energy. They also help repair your muscles, which is perfect for that post-workout buzz. Oh, kale to the yeah!
  • Hemp hearts
  • Chia seeds
  • Plant-based protein powder
  • Rolled oats
  • Tofu
5. Eat a large salad. I’m frequently told by someone who is making excuses for his/her bad diet that eating healthy is expensive. Nonsense. Some of the best superfoods are cheap and readily available in the form of salad greens. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll (gives plants their green color and boosts our blood health), enzymes (that improve digestion and increase energy), and many phytonutrients.
6. Meditate. Just taking some time out to clear your thoughts and unplugging from technology and people can help you feel more balanced and peaceful.
7. Deep breathe for at least 5 minutes, as often as you can. Research shows that deep breathing, even for minutes, can reduce stress hormone levels. That translates into less anxiety, better sleep, and less likelihood to pack on the pounds. I always tell my Patients that the easiest way to remember to breath is to breath in like your smelling the roses and blow out slowly like your blowing out your birthday candles
8. Snack between meals on healthy snacks like almonds, veggies, hummus and whole grain pitas. Not only will you stabilize your moods, you’ll balance your weight thanks to regulated blood sugar levels.This is very important for Diabetics as well
9. Drink a freshly made juice—preferably with green veggies. Green juices are Mother Nature’s healing nectar. They are powerhouses of nutrients that help your body heal and energize you all at once.
10. Stop and smell the flowers,  Take notes from DJ Khaled ,  Take notes from DJ Khaled literally. Not only will slowing down make you feel great, you will be exposed to natural aromatherapy with relaxing, energizing, or therapeutic effects. The fact that you can smell the flowers means molecules of their essential oils are coming into contact with your sensory systems—one of the fastest ways to balance hormones.
11. Write down at least 10 things for which you are grateful.  Increasing amounts of research show that gratitude builds better health and happiness.
12. Eliminate at least one item from your life that contains toxic chemicals For essential items, choose a natural option instead. I have been using vinegar  even to clean off the stove. I was surprised!
13. Do something nice for someone or just smile at s stranger, them smiling back will feel nice.
14. Dry skin brush. Dry skin brushing in small circles with a natural bristled brush, working from your extremities toward your heart boosts your blood circulation and the movement of lymph through your body to help eliminate toxic waste buildup in your tissues while boosting your energy.
15. Soak in a warm bath with Epsom salts. The magnesium in Epsom salts absorbs through your skin and helps relax your muscles and reduce pain levels while contributing to your heart health.
What will you do today to upgrade your health? This has been watching out for your health with your Health And Social Advocate Michelle Smith  stay connected!   please share thanks in advance 

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